Monday, November 22, 2010

The Twins' Faces

There is enough similarities that my ADG (left) and Basaak (right) could pass as twins.  The boy features are larger than the girl features which seems to work to my advantage.

As of now, I have carved the lips and the nose. The eye sockets have been sanded out a little too. I removed the eye lashes. Next to come-

New eye chips
Lip painting

My 5 year old has heard to talking about the twins and it must of peaked her curiosity.  She asked me as we were working on the Christmas tree how are twins made. I gave her the simple version of how there are sometimes two babies and other times one baby splits into two before they even look like babies. Then she wanted to know just how they fit inside the momma's belly.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Before Shot

This is the before shot of my little boy Blythe. I am terrible about jumping in before any photos.  I caught myself just in time, I was about to start sanding.

Once again I have an eye chip dilemma. I am using eyes to emphasize the twin part.  These chips are original and they are definitely staying.  I am trying to decided which to switch out. Having these that I like so much makes it hard.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

The Twins

I purchased an Ashton Drake Roaring Red doll several months ago. I was disappointed with her. Her hair was unmanageable; although, she was brand new out of the box.

One day I noticed her spring was about to slip off the notch. It slipped on into the head and I couldn't fish it out.  I scalped her and cracked her open from there she has received a complete make over.

I did some reading before scalping and EVERYTHING about her was wrong. The glue was NOT water based. There was NOT a trench to pop the scalp off. I got my info from Puchi Collective tutorials and a Flickr group that was specifically about customizing ADGs.

Now, I am trying to decide my best method of hair. Should I use wefting or try rooting? Mohair or synthetic?

Wondering about the twin?

I noticed several boy Blythes on Flickr. I decided I needed to make one. I ordered a weird little doll bank Basaak and an Obitsu 1/6 boy body. The twin part started by the fact I prefer him to be considered a brother rather than boyfriend. I want him to resemble a little boy over a man. A bit silly really.

I am excited! I think all of the supplies will be here in time for Christmas break.

Friday, November 12, 2010

My Daughter's Doll

My 5 year old wants a Blythe. Well, spending the money on a real Blythe just wasn't going to happen.  Although she is really good to her toys, she is still a little girl. I know I wouldn't allow her to play with it.  Solution, a Basaak doll.

Basaak is a really nice way to purchase a doll for a child or first time customizing.  On Angelina, I just knew that I would be highly pissed at myself if I ruined a Blythe and my next project, I was looking for low budget.

The Basaak is a cute doll but adding personal touches really amp-ed the cute level up.

Here is the customization list:

new eye lashes
purple eye chips
pink lip repaint
purple eye lid paint

If you didn't catch it, my daughter's favorite color is purple.

Customizations yet to be done:

eye shadow
sleepy eyes
freckles, maybe

I think Santa did a good job this year.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Petite Dresses for Petite Blythe

Petite Dresses for Petite Blythe
US 2 needles
DK weight yarn
Yarn darning needle
Notes: This is a formula that gives you general guide lines to construct a Petite Blythe Dress.  It can be completely customizable.  Make sure to cast on extra yarn to use as a tie.
CO 11
Work 2 rows.
Work 4 sts, YO, work 3 sts, YO, work 4 sts; this should be on right side.
Work 5 more rows (less or more to your desired style).
Increase on right side as many or less as you prefer.
Work shirt rows to your preference.
BO on wrong side.
Stitch up the skirt portion until it is sufficient space to slip the body inside the dress. Weave the stitching yarn up to the neck. Anchor and use as a tie.
Want more specific instructions?

Pink Example                                                   
CO 11
Garter st for 2 rows
K4, YO, K3, YO, K4
St st for 5 rows
*K1, KFB* repeat to end. (I ended with a K1)
Garter stitch for ¾”
BO on wrong side

Stitch up and create ties.

           Grey Example

CO 15
K4, YO, K7, YO, K4
*K2, M1, K2* repeat to end.
St st for 1 1/4 inch.
BO on wrong side.

Stitch up and create ties

Copyright by Natalie Scrimshire 2010
This is for personal use only.  Please do not sell pattern. I can be reached at or at Ravelry user name- PandoraPhelps

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Meet Victoria!

Meet Victoria!

When I purchased Simply Mango, I really wanted that chihuahua. Don't get me wrong I love the way Ginny looks, but Takara Very Vicky was my ideal doll.  Only thing I am changing is the stock orange eye chips.

Speaking of orange eye chips, I am in a dilemma.  Should I or should I not use the dark blue ones?

Just in case, I have light blue chips on the way from This is Blythe.  

I had two surprises when I got her out of the box- earrings and a brown stand! The earrings was especially surprising. I must of read her description a dozen times and missed it.

Winter time will be here in Arkansas soon, so I will making props or something for photos. I am a bit bored with the fence and grass.

New Pattern Coming Soon!

Doesn't all Blythes need a Jackolope Hats? Of course! I will soon be releasing this knitting pattern for sale through Ravelry.

It is a simple hat and ears with the more challenging antlers. I used magic loop method for the "bunny" parts and DPNs for the antlers. However, the pattern in open to using any circular method that makes you feel comfortable.

The yarn is any small amount of DK and sock weights.  Felting is an option for the antlers and the ears. This example was not felted so the ears are more floppy.

Good words to know while knitting this cute hat-

Backwards cast on aka thumb cast on- using ones finger or thumb to slip a stitch with the working yarn onto the needles

This image is from I am not claiming it as mine, please follow the link to see it in it's original state. 

Here is a helpful video, also:

video link from

SSK- slip, slip, knit; is a left slanting decrease.  Slip the 2 stitches knitwise individually to the right needle and knit them together by inserting the left needles in the front of the stitches.

Tines- the point on the deer, or in this case, jackalope's antles. This important for the pattern because I do refer to them individually as tines.

One last photo of Ginger just for fun.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Meet Ginny

Meet Ginny!

She was my very first Blythe doll.  I was so excited seeing a chihuahua, I was counting down the days until she was release in April (2010).  The only modifications are the freckles and snipping her fringe to look more natural. I used a tutorial from Puchi Collective.* She is a Takara Simply Mango.

I am a member of the knitting and crochet community on Ravelry. I found Blythe while searching through doll clothing.  How could I not love such a unusual doll? When people ask about Blythes, I describe her as a Betty Boop head with a Skipper body.

In the photos she is wearing a dress of my design. The shoes are from This is Blythe (I have seen them on Etsy, too.) Her little chihuahua friend is wearing my sweater pattern.

*Puchi Collective is no longer active.  You can still access some of the content through the Wayback Machine.  8-5-2015

Monday, November 1, 2010

Meet Angelina

Meet Angelina! She is a customized Blybe (clone) doll. Funny Bunny,, has a beautiful customized doll named Chocolate Pudding that inspired Angelina.

Angelina's customizations include:

Body transplant; World of Love Soul is the donor
Spray color
Sleepy eyes
Eye shadow
Apple green eye chips
Green and blue eye chips
New eyelashes
Light lip color

Unfortunately, the color of the body and paint did not match. Now she wears brown tights with every garment.  In the photos she is dressed in vintage World of Love clothing.

Before shot:

Photo by Ebay seller rich_amphai