Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Revamping Angelina

I am revamping Angelina. After some consideration I am not happy with her body and head match.  It was very noticable. I tried paint the body with no great success. The paint is chipping and I can't stand how unprofessional it looks. By no means am I a professional doll customizer, but it just looks sloppy. I have inquired on the Flickr group Custom Black Blythes about bodies with no response. I am going to attempt to paint a Azone Neemo

Another change I am making to Angelina is removing the apple green eye chips and eye lashes. The apple green will be place in Penelope my ADG Pinafore Purple. The eye lashes did not stay. I am going to soak the eye lids to remove the glue and try again.

Now, I am creating a new doll. I should have, from the beginning, ordered the paint to match the Soul's body. The up side to it, I will be adding a 9th girl to my collection. Funny, I didn't count my boy! Really my 10th doll! I order another one of those weird Basaak doll banks for her head.

The hair saga still goes on. But, I discovered at Sally's Beauty Supplies that they sell real human hair wefting for a very reasonable price! Enough comes in one package to make about 10 wigs. I am super excited to try this! Since the hair is human, it can be styled with heat.

I am hoping that plans work out. I will keep the updates coming.

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