Monday, January 31, 2011

Angelina and the Crocus flowers

In my neighborhood some crocus flowers popped up! I had to get a pic or two of Angelina.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Applesauce came home!

I have Petite Blythe Macintosh that my daughter named Applesauce.  When I was developing the Deer Outfit for Petite Blythe I used her as my model.  It was around December 5th when she went MIA.  I searched my car, my house, my purse, and my parents' house to no avail.  It was so frustrating that I lost her.  Here is the post that I mention it, Missing Applesauce.

Well today, after nearly two months of missing Applesauce was returned to me.  She was found in my neighbors' driveway.  How she got there, I don't know! These neighbors in particular are not even across the street from out driveway..... Gosh, who knows how she got all the way around my house, but for most part she is unscathed!!!

I am so happy for Applesauces return, I think I will knit a celebratory outfit.

The little dress pictured is from my free pattern.  The boots have been robbed from the Littlest Pet Shop love Blythe set with the horse.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


I started an Etsy shop!  Right now I have my three Blythe patterns listed, but I hope to soon add much more!  My shop is called Blythe Knits and I am also on Facebook under the same name.  Pop over and add me as a favorite!

Here is my link:

Sunday, January 23, 2011


The only scratch is around the neck.  The other spots are dust.

I know I said that I was giving Angelina's body 2 weeks to dry, BUT I just could not wait.  I see a little chipping around the neck that I hope to fix later.

She is looking like a complete girl with her hair and new paint job.  I am pretty happy with the outcome.  Once she dries more, I intend to work on styling her long locks some more.  Right now it is back in a clip to tame it.

Sorry for the weird angle shot.  She is still drying from her new spray tan!

The head for my second Black Beauty did not come in yesterday.  I just hope it comes soon since Angelina is practically finished.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Paint Day

I gave up the trial and error process of repainting Angelina. I am now using SEM automotive paint.  The jury is still out on my success.  I am painting in "freckles" and giving 30 minutes between each layer.  I don't know how I am going to wait for 2 weeks (on suggestion) for her to dry!  I am ready to put hair on her!

Something I found while at the Sherwin Williams Automotive Paint shop was gold spray paint! So cool, I think it works like the SEM.  I didn't really check, but it gives me an idea.  Goldfinger!!

As I have mentioned before, I am putting real human hair on my custom dolls I can style them with heat.  I bought a 1/2 inch Mini Cortex Straightening Iron for this purpose.  It works lovely!

Sigh...I am still waiting on my dolly bank head.  I am getting so anxious.  Everyday I think it is THE DAY.  Boo...

Monday, January 17, 2011

Stone's hair

Stone's hair started looking right today.  My mom, who is a trained beautician, helped me give him a stylish boy cut.  I am going to purchase a curling iron to shape the ends a little more before the hair cut is finalized.

He is wearing his hat to encourage the hair to lay down on the top.  For his sister, Snowden, I thatched her hair. This time I tried the SK-Coolcat Tutorial using the hole cut in the top to having a circular finished scalp.  I don't know how successful I really was at this.

I am really happy to see these two doll projects coming to an end. I got to a point where I thought they would be never ending or always bald. Hair is a intimidating project.

After Snowden and Stone are finished I have to complete Angelina's revamp.  Painting the body, once again, has been the trouble. I maybe repainting her completely (face included) using SEM automotive paint that has seem to be a success for others.

After Angelina, I am still waiting for the doll bank that I order 2 or 3 days before Christmas.  I should be getting it in a week or two.  This head is going on my Soul body.  I have spray paint that matches ready to go.

After my second black beauty, I am in the process of purchasing a Blythe from Australia without a scalp. I am pretty excited! I think she is a RBL.  She has a few flaws which is fine by me since I plan to customize her.

I am hoping to hear back from another person selling a Prima Dolly Ashlette soon too. Her dolly was customized but there are issues with glue and such.

Shew...that is a lot of projects ahead of me!  Right now I am just waiting on the mail.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Meet Snowden!

Meet Snowden, she has endured several months of a makeover and acquiring a boy twin.  Snowden is an Ashton Drake Roaring Red sporting an Azone Pure Neemo Flection XS body.

Here is the run down of alterations:

Bronze eyelid color
Sleepy eyes
Coppery-brown glitter enlarge pupils eye chips
Dark blue eye chips
Stock green eye chips with foil
Trimmed eyelashes
Pink lip color
Sparrow pull chord
Ribbon tassel pull chord
Body transplant
Strawberry blonde human hair

What prompted this vast renovation?  I was never satisfied with Roaring Red from the moment I got her out of the box.  Her hair was a mess.  One night, I noticed the spring falling inside the head- it fell in. I then started trying to fish it out which did not work.  I cracked her open and the customizations went from there.

Hopefully more photos will be taken soon.

Snowden is so sporting an out fit made by PinkGunDollHouse from Etsy.

Sneak peak of Stone, Snowden's twin brother, with Cousin It syndrome.

Snowden's hair

I finally wefted Snowden's hair. I am pretty proud of the outcome since it was my first time.  She looks so cute!

I used real human hair that I purchased from Sally's Beauty Supply shop.  This color is called strawberry blonde.

I have a few in progress photos to share:

Monday, January 10, 2011

New Pattern Coming Soon for Petites!

I finished up the pattern process this morning after posting the first entry today.  I wanted to get pics in the snow.  Why am I so excited about snow?  This is the most that has accumulated in southern Arkansas in the last 5 years.

Here are the sneak peak photos:


Spray paint issues

ADG in-process customization.  This is the Neemo body.

I just am having no luck with spray paint.  Once again the paint refuses to stick to the legs of my doll.  This time I am using an ADG body. I have been trying to find a primer with no luck. Krylon apparently makes one which I am going to try and find.

This has been frustrating. I want it to look professional. I wonder if acrylic paint will stick?  I could mix the colors to match. Desperation is setting in.

Any who- new subject.

I have been working on patterns to publish.  I have tested the majority of one and the second is tested.  It needs to be written up and photos taken.

My new year's goal for 2011 is to set up an Etsy shop. As of right now I plan to sell my Blythe patterns, stash yarn, and buttons.  Eventually, I plan to sell some ready made doll clothing.

I've got to get back to work.  Maybe later this afternoon I will have some snow photos!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Girly Chihuahua Dress for Blythe's Pet

Girly Chihuahua Dress for Blythe’s Pet


US 0 needles, either 24+ circular for Magic Loop or DPNs
Fingering yarn
Darning needle


CO 20

K2tog every stitch


On wrong side- backwards CO 15, then purl across the new 15 and old 10 stitches.

K9, K2tog, BO 14

K1, K2tog, K4, SSK, K1


Backwards CO 10 and join in the round.

Knit 2 rounds.

BO purlwise loosely and weave in ends.

Stitch or fabric glue on Velcro to attach the belly strap to the topside of the dress.
Copyright by Natalie Scrimshire 2011
This is for personal use only.  Please do not sell pattern. I can be reached or at Ravelry user name- PandoraPhelps

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Party Dress for Blythe

Party Dress for Blythe


Fingering or sport weight yarn
Darning needle


Starting bottom up-

CO 30

Seed stitch for 2 rows.

Knit 1 round.

*K2, KFB,* repeat to the end.

Knit 1 round.

*K1, KFB,* repeat to the end.

Knit multiple rounds until desired length of skirt.


*K2tog* all stitches.

Knit 2 rounds.

*K2tog, K1, * repeat to the end. = 20 sts.

Knit 3 rounds.

Increasing for the bodice-

Step 1- K4, KFB, K4, KFB, K10
Step 2- K5, KFB, K5, KFB, K10
Step 3- K6, KFB, K6, KFB, K10
Step 4- K7, KBF, K7, KFB, K10
Step 5- K4, KFB, K3, KFB, K4, KFB, K3, KFB, K2, SSK, K2, K2tog, K2
Step 6- K5, KFB, K4, KFB, K5, KFB, K4, KFB, K2, SSK, K2tog, K2

Knit 1 round.
Seed stitch for 2 rounds.  BO on the second seed stitch round and weave in ends.

Copyright by Natalie Scrimshire 2011
This is for personal use only.  Please do not sell pattern. I can be reached at or at Ravelry user name- PandoraPhelps

Meet Pinkie

This is my daughter's Basaak named, Pinkie. Her makeover is complete!

Here is the update on her customizations:

Sleepy eyes
Purple eye chips
Gold eye chips
Purple eyelid paint
Purple upper lid color
Light peach blush
Pink lip paint
Silver heart locket pull cord
Antique gold doves pull cord

Pinkie is wearing a sweater that I designed and pants that I purchased from an Etsy shop called MyOwnLittleWorld.

Want to know more about Pinkie? Check my original post, My Daughter's Doll.