Monday, January 10, 2011

Spray paint issues

ADG in-process customization.  This is the Neemo body.

I just am having no luck with spray paint.  Once again the paint refuses to stick to the legs of my doll.  This time I am using an ADG body. I have been trying to find a primer with no luck. Krylon apparently makes one which I am going to try and find.

This has been frustrating. I want it to look professional. I wonder if acrylic paint will stick?  I could mix the colors to match. Desperation is setting in.

Any who- new subject.

I have been working on patterns to publish.  I have tested the majority of one and the second is tested.  It needs to be written up and photos taken.

My new year's goal for 2011 is to set up an Etsy shop. As of right now I plan to sell my Blythe patterns, stash yarn, and buttons.  Eventually, I plan to sell some ready made doll clothing.

I've got to get back to work.  Maybe later this afternoon I will have some snow photos!

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