Wednesday, March 23, 2011



Lately, my mind has wondered away from my Blythes.  I put a spending freeze on myself due to the extreme cost of supplies.  I seem to change my mind about the eye chips, etc., before they arrive and before I knew it, I was putting in another order!

Right now, I am destashing heavily. I am getting rid of all my wigs and some eye chips.  Soon clothing will be hit pretty hard, too. One day I thought, why am I keeping these items when I have no intentions using them?

My doll that I purchased from Australia will soon have mohair.  Here is a photo from Strings and Things on Etsy.

Stephanie was a pleasure to work with if anyone is looking for a mohair connection.  I am really excited to start.  This will be my first rooting experience.  I hope all goes well!! 

If I have left overs I plan to root my Apple Sweet Angel Petite Blythe.  Her hair is ferocious since I took the braids out.  

I officially no longer have a boy in my collection.  I did not convert him to a girl.  I just couldn't do it.  I am destashing him as well. 

Soon, I hope to get a nice group photos of all my girls.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Meet Orchid

This is Orchid. She is a Apple Sweet Angel Petite Blythe. I am not sure what her Blythe name is about or her stock clothing.

Same as Sun Spot, Orchid does not have any special clothing yet.

I want one more little petite gal.

Meet Sun Spot

This is Sun Spot.

She is Kitchen Queen Petite Blythe.  Right now all the wardrobe she owns is her stock, but I will make sure she has something special soon.

This time I did not remember to photograph before removing the boxing.  OH, well.

I found a tea set from Tuesday Morning with Beatrix Potter's Peter Rabbit on it that maybe in Sun Spots's kitchen soon.