Wednesday, August 24, 2011


I need to go to BA meetings, Blythe Anonymous.

I now am the owner of Takara Mademoiselle Rosebud.  My goodness she is cute!  Luna was lightly customized by one of her previous owners.

I purchased her at "bait" price because the person I bought her from thought the sand matting was poorly done.  It isn't too bad.  I am not sure how to get the back of the plate to match.  Definitely a different grit of sandpaper was used than what I used for Ginger.

I had some nice surprises.  Luna's hair isn't really pink but peachy blonde! Plus, some one else already replaced two sets of eye chips! She has dark grey and apple green.

It always takes me a week or so to find clothing just right for the look of my new doll.  Poor Fleur is still nuddy pants. I will attempt to make some new clothing for my girls soon.

I am not rushing in to a decision about new make up or anything.  For now I like the natural look.

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