Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Halloween Project, cont.

This past weekend I spent Sunday sewing for my Blythes.  I am worked on meeting my goal of all 13 Blythes wearing costumes for Halloween.  I am not too picky if it is bought, altered, or handmade.

Luna is a bat.  The dress is an Ixtee (or something like that) and the wings are felt that attach using clear elastic. The hair bow was the hardest part.  I think this one was a success.


I bought the polymer clay button from my yarn shop.  I am going to try and make some.

Next up, George as the Mad Hatter.  I only have the hat finished.  It is felt, ribbon and a portion of a hair bow. I bought the hair bow from Hot Topic and it broke immediately.  I really looks cute on the hat though!

The tea cup is from a Rement set.  It is fashioned after green depression glass.  Very, very cute!

I haven't figured out the rest of the costume yet.

Soon I am going to make a Witch costume. 

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