Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Meet Rooka

Meet Rooka!

Rooka is a Takara SBL Pinafore Purple.  She is my second Blythe custom (non-clone).

It all started with an eye chip change in my Ginger. I lost my head and pull her chord without gluing in her new eye chips. I had to pry her open a bit to get the eye chip out and it got me thinking...

The thinking led to opening Rooka and making her pretty!

Rooka's make over consisted of:

Lip carving
Lip color
Upper lip carving
Some nose carving
2 new eye chips, dark blue and taupe
Eye color with powdered eye shadow
New eye lashes
Sleepy eyes
Ribbon pull chords with charms- glass enclosure charm (no image yet) and locket

One day way off in the future Rooka may get white mohair.  I really love white mohair dolls and I think her coloring would be perfect.

Up next, my ADG, formly know as Snowden, is getting a 3rd make over.  This time she is emerging as Coraline.

Another middie is on the way to me from Singapore!

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