Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Meet Mint Julep

Meet Mint Julep [renamed to Julian]. She is precious!

(Yes, very corny name but it was the first thing that popped into my noggin'.)

Here she is in her odd little kitty outfit:  

I do wish the stock clothing was different. She comes with no shoes and the dress can only be worn over the kitty jumpsuit.

I now have all of the Middie releases except for the anniversary one.  I love seeing the progression in the bodies and details.  I have mentioned this before about doing a comparison of the middies that I own.  This one has even different details than my others. For example, Julep had a slight dimple in her chin and her fingers has more definition.

I wonder if the Middies will one day have face mold names like the Neos.

My little Susie Hysteric arrived in her black undies (I bought her nude, the only way she was with in my budget).  Oh my gosh, I love her too!  Looking at them make me squee on the inside.

With the arrival of 2 new middies just make my daughter want on even more. One day, but I want to see how she takes care of her Simply Chocolate first.  I think Santa will write her a letter about dolly care to leave under the tree too.

Soon I will post pics of Susie Hysteric.

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