Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Monday, October 29, 2012

Weekend Endeavors

Holy Batman!

I started rooting a mohair scalp sometime forever ago. It was to go on my Mona.  The color was all wrong for her even before her current face-up.  For one thing I was disappointed with the mohair.  I thought I was getting baby blue and it was turquoisey mint.

I finally got up the nerve to finish it and dye it on Wednesday night (I was off Thursday from work so I felt creative).  It turned out really pretty!  I stuck it on Claudia (I vow to never remove that girl's scalp again- it is a bitch) and it just wasn't her.  So, my pretty little mohair scalp went to Etsy which sold over night!!!

Isn't it gorgeous?

Even prettier on the inside!

I had enough mohair leftover to make 2 Monster High wigs.  I dyed one green to go onto my absinthe fairy.

Claudia received some spooky chips which I hand painted.  She also got new lashes since I ruined the others by accident.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012


The Sally redo isn't going too well.  The paint did not want to come off of the face.  So, I'm face (no pun intended) with the choice of buying another head or calling it quits on her. Part of me wants to give it another try and other part wants to give it up.

I broke my Blythe-only rules. I bought a Hujoo Freya.  Mostly out of curiosity and her affordability. I went ahead an purchase one for R's Christmas present too.

I wish she was this color of blue- this is just the Instagram filter. Instead she is a medium grey.  Her name is Mrs. Norris.

I made Mona a new dress:

The print I received in a swap through Ravelry.  It is really cool:

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Sally redo number 3

Sally the Ragdoll is getting another make over.  The paint is just not sticking to the Pure Neemo body.  I'm painstakingly scraping, and scrubbing the paint off, again.

This time I will not be painting her.  My direction will be more towards flesh tone with blue overtone using chalk pastels.  If I had time I would re-do the hair also.  A person on Flickr rerooted Licca heads in different types of hair and wrote quick little comparison of what she used.  I thought I could use her write ups to choose some different hair.  I'm not particularly fond of the nylon hair I used.  I wish I would have bought mohair from Cool Cat instead.

Question is- should I buy a new head or try to salvage the current one?

As posted before there has been a major purge at my house.

Rabbit has gone back to Australia to live, Coraline now is hanging out in Cali, and Nymph is going to Pennsylvania!  George is still looking for a new home.

Now, two petite girls are wanting to see the world!