Tuesday, October 23, 2012


The Sally redo isn't going too well.  The paint did not want to come off of the face.  So, I'm face (no pun intended) with the choice of buying another head or calling it quits on her. Part of me wants to give it another try and other part wants to give it up.

I broke my Blythe-only rules. I bought a Hujoo Freya.  Mostly out of curiosity and her affordability. I went ahead an purchase one for R's Christmas present too.

I wish she was this color of blue- this is just the Instagram filter. Instead she is a medium grey.  Her name is Mrs. Norris.

I made Mona a new dress:

The print I received in a swap through Ravelry.  It is really cool:


  1. what a pretty dress you've made! and lovely kitten too!

  2. Thank you, Urshula! It was exactly what I was going for, if not better. Which is always good since sometime my projects go worse.

    I love my kitty! I ready for the boy-cats to be released too.