Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Meet Olive the Librarian!

  Meet Olive the Librarian! She is a RBL Prima Dolly Saffy (Encore?).  This girl traveled from Canada.  Her alterations were made by Kitty Bee and I did some repairs on her pull chord.  She had a make shift tbar that I replace with a Cool Cat one.

Olive has all new eye chips-  light brown, light olive, light blue, and dark blue all of unknown origins.  Her favorite colors are brown and cream.

Olive's clothing and accessories

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Life before Blythe

Do you ever ponder what you did before Blythe?

I find it amazing how integrated she is into my life now. I think about her constantly- well, other things slip in as well, but you know what I mean!

I've been working on pull chords lately.  I've been so busy with school (yuck, 2 papers that require lots of research) that I haven't had a good time to take photos.  My husband (sweet boy) purchase majority of the supplies for my birthday which was Saturday, November 3rd.  Hooray! Most things were 1/2 off so I got bunches of stuff.

I've started Claudia's pull chord.  I need additional beads to make it look complete.  It is really exciting I can't wait to share it!

I bought a Susie Sad Eyes months ago because I got a commission to make some items for a local Susie.  I borrowed the person's Susie but shortly found my own.

This poor little girl has a pitiful reroot in mint green.  Her scalp has been ripped at some point so I carefully removed the mint and put in blue ice! I bought the hair from Dolly Hair.com half snowflake and half water nixie.  The mix was perfect!  I wanted to use my rerooting tool but couldn't find it in my jungle of crafting and art supplies.
Susie hanging out at my work.