Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Little Priss

This is Little Priss.  Little Priss is a Pullip named Shan-ria.  Her stock dress is gorgeous!

Poor girl is baldy right now.  I was messing with her wig and found a weak spot in the glue and before I knew it, the entirely thing was off!  This is good because I wanted it off but I wish I had ordered a wig prior to its removal.  I wanted something more playable.

Baldy Little Priss

I ordered 2 wigs and a cafe table from the dolly shop near me:  It is an online store as well as a brick and mortar store.  They carry Pullips and Blythes.  Unfortunately, the Blythe I want is really expensive.

The shipping was really pricey for 2 wigs so I added the cafe table.  Although shipping seemed like a lot, I figured up that it is cheaper than gas.

Little Priss has tried on some of the other girls clothing.  Right now she is wearing a Moshi Moshi (I think, I bought it 2nd hand) and a pair of toy box bloomers like in my Etsy shop.  Nearly every Blythe-made dress will have to have bloomers underneath since she is a lot taller.  Her feet are tiny by comparison of her body. Nearly all of the shoes I tried on her are loose.  Ixtee Mary Janes with socks work well. The socks are very baggy.

Here is some photos of her coming out of the box:
Not sure about the eyes.  I guess I am so used to Blythe eye chips.

I'm putting in a Cool Cat order today for eye chips, socks, and other things!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Andy's Toys

I did a lot of sewing this weekend instead of working on my Andy's room box. I've stalled out a little on what to do with it.  So, it still looks like this:

But, I did get these guys in:

I had to run out that night and get a storage container to prevent from loosing things.  RC is in the storage box.

There were a few characters that I wish came in the set...Bo Peep, Slinky Dog, and Mr. Potato Head.  The set seems to be really based on the first movie but a few Jessie (as a part of Woody's Round Up) related items were included.  I really wish there was a Jessie and Bulls Eye!!  Add on packs...I so wish.

Actually, there are so many cuties and some of them are so large (REX), that I think there will be a full sized Andy's Room eventually.  This does bring up the problem of storing/displaying it, but I will figure that out when I get there.

This room box is almost too small.  I wanted to put a little shelf on the wall but anchoring it will be an issue.  A book case maybe?  Problem is if I do too much there will be no room for a doll.  

Ah, creative issues.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Pullip invasion!

I was really excited about the March Neo Blythe release, then I saw her.  She is Vanilla with long hair.  I was hoping for more.  Instead of possibly going over my dolly budget, I bought 2 Pullips and 2 more Icy dolls.

R requested a Mavis doll (Hotel Transylvania), so I purchased the Pupil Icy. Mavis and Icy dolls have a lot of similarities, including face shape and thin lips.  Pupil's dark hair and bangs are great. I either will do a scalp swap between the witch and pupil or just paint over the lips.  It appears Mavis's lips are black not purple.  I'm planning on knitting her a dress and buy some leggings and shoes.

I bought Death Note for myself.

I have fought off the desire to buy a Pullip for a long time.  I don't like listing in my Etsy shop stuff like it fits Blythe, Pullip, Icy, etc. without really knowing if the item fits the dolls listed.  It probably would, but I don't know that for sure.  This way I will know. It only took one doll to know this information, but she didn't want to be lonely.  Actually, I do have a reason.  I picked out Shan-ria.  She is so gorgeous as is and I wanted a customizing project.  I found Stica (she is a French maid) used on Ebay for a good price.  She is cute, but re-doable.
image snagged off of Google images

image snagged off of Google Images, 
red eyes? 

I'm hoping that most of my Blythe items fit Pullip already.  There isn't as much info on Pullip as there is on Blythe, or I haven't discovered it yet.  I did find some good wig removal tutorials.  I misunderstood about how the wigs are attached.  I thought they came baldy with wigs that just slip on with elastic- nope, they are glued.  I think I eventually want to remove Shan-ria's wig but I'm going to practice on Stica first.

I guess I'm going to start a Cool Cat supply list.  Hopefully some stuff will sell in my shop first since I cleaned out the account buying 4 dolls!!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Eyelid Painting Tips for Icy

Yesterday the same friend on Ravelry inquired about how to paint the eyelids for ICY dolls.  Please note that these tips are specifically for ICY dolls.

The main suggestions are paint in thin layers until covered and shave out parts of the eye sockets to keep from scraping the paint.  I use an Xacto and sand paper.  Be careful and consistent to not make weird notches in the plastic and, of course, not cut yourself.

This photo shows where the ICY needs it most.

It also helps allowing the paint to dry over night.  I always get excited and put it in too soon.  So, I understand if you don't do this.

Blythe needs her eye socket shaved out a bit for painting or fabric, but I cannot tell you the exact location.  I have worked on 3 ICYs in a row so this is fresh in my head.

Wondering about paint?  I typically use Folk Art All Purpose Acrylic paint because it is rather diverse in colors and it can be applied consistent and thinly.  Sometimes I seal it, sometimes I don't.  Just whatever I feel like at the moment.

Same as the previous post- If you use this tutorial or suggestions as your guide for customizing, it is at your own risk, as well as, your doll's risk.  These are just tips from my experiences not the dolly bible.

Monday, February 11, 2013

How to make Sleepy Eyes for Blythe

Just a little quick how to bit for Sleepy Eyes.  This morning a friend on Ravelry asked some questions about how to make sleepy Eyes for Blythe or Icy.  As far as I know this is the same for all face molds:  BL, EBL, SBL, RBL, FBL; as well as, Icy dolls and clones.

First, what are sleepy eyes? Sleepy eyes is when the doll has 2 pull cords: one for opening the eyes and one for closing and changing the eyes.  **I did recently read that if you leave your doll asleep too long it can warp the eye mech.**  Nothing extra has to be purchased or anything.

This is the method that requires your doll's head to be open.  There are other tutorials out there that does not require opening.

Photo 1-

Pay attention where the pull cord is located once you open your doll's head.  That is where one of the cord will need to go again.  The second one goes in place of the spring.  I, personally, remove the spring.

Photo 2-

Once the new cords are attached on the inside, one cord comes out of the original hole and one comes out where the spring used to hang.  

I think some people have both chords come out the original hole.  This is your preference. 

I use 1/8th inch ribbon as my pull cords.  I have never had one break.  A tip to get it through the eye mech hole- Cut the ribbon at a sharp angle and then melt it, at an angle, with a cigarette lighter.  Then used a pin to poke it on through the hole.  Doing this also helps when thread beads onto the ribbon.

Also, be sure to use long ribbon and trim it later!

** I assume no responsibility in the outcome of this tutorial.  If you use this as a guide, you do it at your own risk, or your dolls risk.** 

Party Pad Room Box

This is my daughter's petite. I don't remember her name.  She is very creative with names...her brand new Simply Chocolate is named Coco Laka.  Any who.

Here is R's room box. Apparently her intentions was for it to be a Party Pad.  She wanted "We rock out" down the side.  I said no.

Update-  Here it is finished:

Weekend work

This weekend I bought four more shadow boxes (still half off at Hobby Lobby!).  I started a new room for my Toy Story rement, Andy's room.  It was actually my husband's idea.  This is all I have so far:

hand painted clouds

And, my daughter's room box received the final item:

wine cap thing chair

No disco ball though. Maybe in the future. 

Edit to add- I just realize that I never published the post about my daughter's room box...about to do so now.

I made this outfit this weekend:

I was going to post this outfit for sale in my Etsy shop, but I like it too much.  I sell all the good stuff so I decided to keep this for myself. 

I should have listed things in my shop this weekend, but my "photo" table, aka dinning room table, is a mess. I have skirts and a pair of bloomers read to go.  

I've been thinking about starting a shop section for under garments.  I enjoy making the bloomers and thought about giving slips a try. Maybe I will start a pattern for under shirts.  I made up a pattern for my Susie Sad Eyes so it should be too hard to adapt it to Blythe.

In hindsight, I really should have done more sewing this weekend.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Lemon Drop's Room Box

Lemon Drop's room box is so bright and busy with print that I am afraid to add anything else to it.

So, without further ado:

Skipper fashion

As mentioned in previous post I have become obsessed trying to find vintage Skipper fashion for my Blythes.  My passion for the search has waned a bit.  I actually have some advise for people who are hunting for vintage pieces.  I am no expert on vintage or Skipper or Mattel.  I just found a few things in my purchases and searching.

Suggestion 1-  Avoid lots.
     Although lot of items are tantalizing and sometimes are great deals, I found most often that the items were not completely as described. I got many duplicates because of this and there was a lot of trash with treasures. In the long run, I don't think the lots really paid off.

Plus, I ended up with dolls that I don't really have a use for. And, a doll case.

Suggestion 2-  Don't pass up the single items.
     In the long run buying single pieces probably adds up in cost, but you get exactly what you want the first time.

Suggestion 3-  Cross reference.
     Cross reference prices on Ebay and Etsy. And, make sure to check recently ended auctions also. This gives you a better idea if you are paying a fair price.  Sometime paying a little more for a clean item is worth it.  Little laundry can be tiresome.

Here are a few of my finds:

Lemon Drop's Shadow Box

I started on my second shadow box for a Petite.  This is Lemon Drop, Miss Retro Mama.  She is a very mod girl.

The frame has been painted red, fabric glued to the back board, wool carpet put in, and found little bits.

I have a couple of options for the art on the wall. I choose 3 Andy Warhol prints.  I don't know which I will use yet.  After getting the art up, I am going to see if something hanging from the ceiling is needed. I may lay a different fabric over the current one.  I forgot I had cute orange flower print.