Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Blog Break

I need a break from real life right now so instead of a cheeto break, I'm taking a blog break.

My head is pounding from school/work/life stress.  Next week is spring break and I just have to trudge through until then.

I decided I needed to treat myself to a Blythe.  I purchased University of Love from an individual on Plastic Paradise.  I'm pretty thrilled with her and the price.  UOL is replacing my Skate Date. I keep looking at people's photos of a blonde curly haired cutie saying, "awe, she is cute!" And, then it turns out to be SD.  Kind of funny really. I guess I had good taste the first time.

I'm guessing she will remain stock, but I'm not sure...  I love her clothing.  I think she has been the most recent release that I've been excited about, all the others have been meh. I do wish I could get R Lavender Hug, but UOL cleared out the Paypal account.


I got a white body for Stica and if matches perfectly. I also got her a blue wig which makes her even cuter. The Obitsu body is a bit wobbly for the weight of the Pullip head but my friend sent me this tutorial:


It worked! I was concerned about sticking the body back together but the magic eraser stabilized the joint and it popped right back on.

Here is a blurry, naked shot and the body color shot:

Isn't it amazing how different she looks with a new wig and body?  Her name maybe Nadine. I don't know yet. I can't wait to change her eye chips.

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