Thursday, March 7, 2013

Pullips, my thoughts

Should be doing classwork, but decided to blog instead.

I am now in possession of 2 Pullips.  Shan-ria (Little Priss) was produced in 2010 and Stica in 2007.  The difference between the 2 are pretty interesting.  Shan-ria has a face plate, back plate, wig, and sleepy eyes. Stica has face plate, back plate, scalp, wig, and no sleepy eyes. The heads are shaped differently.  It appears that Stica's head is larger; therefore, wigs fit her differently.  They do wear the same size of wigs 8-9 or SD size.

Stock wig, stock body

My plans were to customize Stica (French maid), but she is too damn cute.  I do plan to change her red eye chips and most likely give her sleepy eyes.  Actually, I'm changing Little Priss's eyes, too.  Same color but to eye chips that are more like Blythe's with the lines.

The bodies were different also. I don't know enough to explain the type one verses type 2 or 3.  I like Little Priss's body best.  Poor Stica arrived with a broken leg, and very kindly, the ebay seller refunded me half the money to replace the body. Then I stupidly bought the fleshtone Obitsu small bust 25 cm body rather than white. So, it doesn't match!  I re-ordered in white with medium bust just to have it to be a little different.  I think the medium bust will be more like the stock body.

Pullip body, left; Obitsu S 25 cm flesh, right

New body and no name

On Etsy and Ebay, seller's present Blythe and Pullip clothing and shoes to be somewhat interchangeable. I don't really think this is accurate.  In the bust, if the garment is super tight on Blythe is about right on Pullip.  The bust does not seem to an issue, but length of the garment can be; Pullip's legs are long and thin.  And hats, the heads are shaped very different and the Blythe head is much larger in circumference.  The feet on Pullip are tiny, but since the heel is articulated, she can wear heeled shoes.  Barbie shoes fit nicely even.

This weekend I will try to get photos of the 2 girls together.

And, I should have new items up in my Etsy shop photographed on Pullip and Blythe.

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