Monday, May 6, 2013

Brown Petite!

In the second lot of Petite Blythe heads, one poor girl had issues.  Not sure what happened to her but she appeared to be a victim of a botched custom job.  Some of her issues were:  odd paint (did not want to come off even with sanding), no philtrum (it was sanded to a peak), and the left side of the nose was almost sanded flat.  The eye chips were scratched from where someone attempted to pry them out.  I sanded and buffed them to where they look tolerable.

I had sanded a little already to fix her.

I have never carved or sanded down a petite- a little goes a long way.  Her nose was tricky since it had been heavily sanded already.  I think I successfully shaped it to look normal though.

I thought I took a photo before the next step.  I guess I went to do so and got side tracked.

Before MSC.  The body was from a previous experiment. 


MSC makes a huge difference!

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