Tuesday, June 18, 2013


Hook arrived yesterday!  His stock Captain Hook outfit is hilariously cute, but I immediately put him in street clothing.  I found a Fashionista Ken (Ryan, who ever he is) set which everything fit except for the shoes.

Stock heeled pirate boots

Nadine and Hook

I happened to have some squishy boots that are from Ken or G.I. Joe that went on when I cut a slit down the backs.  A nice surprise is that my vintage Ken clothing fits! 

I put my Tinker Bell Dal (got her from Tuesday Morning as well as Hook, but not in my state) up against Hook and I can see the brother/sister resemblance.  I am learning a lot about the Pullip family tree- Pullip's boyfriend is Taeyang, her ex is Namu, Isul is Pullip's little brother, Dal is Taeyang's little sister, Byul is Dal friend, Yeolume is Pullip and Taeyang's future child....Yikes!  It sounds all complicated.  I think at some point Pullip and Taeyang are getting friends too.

I want to get Hook a new wig and eye chips.  But as of right now, he will stay in a Blythe wig and stock eyes.

I don't think Ken realizes another man is in the house yet. He is suspicious since I took off with his clothing.

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