Thursday, June 13, 2013

Move over Ken

I'm just not that into boy dolls.  There are those select few custom Blythe boys that I drool over (the one that looks like a Burtonesque Johnny Depp love times a million), but over all they just aren't my thing.  Several years ago (before Blythe) I got a 1963 or 64 Mattel Ken from an estate sale.  He is a very nice looking blonde boy.

For the longest he was naked.  Now he has a nice little wardrobe thanks to my ebay misadventures.

Well, Ken has to move over and make room for a new boy.  Tuesday Morning has had Disney Pullips, Dals, Byuls, and Taeyangs hit the stores.  I have a Tinker Bell Dal and now a Hook Taeyang.

I have to go hunt some clothes down for him as well as a boyish wig.

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