Wednesday, December 17, 2014

To buy factory or not to buy factory, that is the question

I own/owned factory Blythe dolls.  I truly prefer formally released dolls.  I have been entranced by factory before...most recently the "translucent" factory doll which more than likely a TBL.

I am being pulled in by another doll.  She is a Heather Sky-like doll.  I have wanted a Heather Sky for most of my Blythe collecting days.  I love the tan skinned releases, but have only been able to afford Prima Dolly Ginger (adopted by a friend) and Sunshine Holiday.

I found a Factory that has blonde hair and the face mold does look more like a Takara released Blythe.  TEMPTATION!!

I know I just bought Hollywood who is amazing and cute little Alicia Cupcake.  And, I am expecting Twinkle Princess from my husband.  BUT, I can afford this doll for most part.

I would want to keep her stock except I might spray matte her.

I'm probably going to buy her. Why deny it!

Monday, December 1, 2014

Elf Bomber Jacket

For people who are wondering if the Elf on the Shelf Bomber Jacket will fit Blythe the answer is- kind of!  It is over sized and has velcro down the under side and sides of the sleeves, but over all fits pretty well.  I surmise the velcro placement is to make it easier to dress the elf.

Severus and Coco

A friend on Flickr said she removed the velcro and stitch the jacket together.  She scrunched the sleeves to make them shorter for Blythe's arms.  I didn't bother, but good to know that it could be done.

I love the patches.  They are Christmas themed, but could easily be painted over.  You could even create tiny patches and sew them over then decals.  The best feature is the working zipper.

Festive Dress

I have had a lot of fun creating the long styled dresses. I think this is one of my favorites so far:

Isn't it cute?  I found the trimming and fabric from Wally Jolly World aka Walmart.  I could not pass up these festive Dachshunds.  The trimming is strips of tulle or netting with elastic.  I made a Middie skirt by sewing a double layer together.  

In addition, I made a Middie dress just like this one for my daughter's Christmas present.  It was adorable as well.
I am attempting to get Christmas presents finished up.  I keep adding handmade items to my daughter's stash.  It is easy to create for her since she is getting dolls + accessories, a microscope, and a Mab Graves' Pinkie and the baby dino cameo from me.

I started transitioning my Blythes into winter clothing.  Most lack maybe 10 long dresses for all of my Neos and Middies.  I probably will have them all in long dresses by Christmas.  It would be fun making Severus, the boy Icy, his name sake's wizard robes will the same pattern with alterations....

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Alicia Cupcake Middie Blythe

Hooray! My nice postman delivered my parcel from Junie Moon today early yesterday morning rather than late in the afternoon!

Obligatory full stock clothing pic.  

She is too cute.  I am happy about how different she from my current Middie collection.  Her hair is lighter than Lily Brown.  Unfortunately, she makes my third blue eyed middie.  I am hoping to get a green eyed girl sometime soon.

Here are some observations of Alicia Cupcake:

Rounder face, maybe?
Fuller lips
Different breast
Narrower chest and shoulders

My most current middie besides AC is Furry Bella Bo.  I used her as comparison, in addition to Lily Brown, to see if her face was indeed rounder.  I positioned there faces both to look up and to me I see a slight difference.  I see a major difference between AC and Lily Brown.

The way her lips are painted make them fuller.  I'm guessing this is to keep up with the current trend of pouty lips in the customizing world.

My 9 year old daughter is the one who spot the chest differences.  First things she said was they are smaller and pointier.  This does appear to be the case.  Her shoulders do not seem quite as broad either.  I think this is because the chest isn't as broad.

You see the differences in the following photos:

Maybe the face are the same?  What are your thoughts?

Faces and chests look different to me.  The chest do not look as broad.

Here is one with clothing.

I was afraid that Alicia Cupcake and Lily Brown's hair was going to be the same.  According the the official release information on AC was that her hair was light brown.  If I'm going to have multiply dolls, I really prefer them to all be different.

After her hair was combed, it feels really nice.  It is uneven to an extent, but I'm not concerned. It is a minor issue.

Quite different.

My daughter said that AC's hair is really close to mine.  I have more red in my blonde actually, but it is close!

These are my two favorite pieces from AC's stock.  I prefer this type of middie shoes over the boots and heels.  

I might be getting the other new middie, Twinkle Princess, for Christmas from my hubby!

Monday, November 24, 2014


Hollywood made it here safe and sound!  After a few washings of the hair with lavender oil, she is looking fabulous now.

I found her rather interesting when comparing her with the other EBLs I own and with some RBLs.

First up, EBL-1 Bohemian Beats (first version)

Notice the skin tone difference?

Second, EBL-10 Disco Boogie

RBL Prima Dolly Saffy (unsure of the version) since the hair is similar in style.

RBL Sunshine Holiday since Hollywood seemed really tan up against Simply Chocolate (FBL) and Nicki Lad (RBL).

I read up some on EBLs face mold and skin tones once winning Hollywood.  According to a wiki EBLs share the same skin tone aside from Cinnamon Girl who was released with a tan.  However, Hollywood seems darker than DB and BB.  Both a fellow dolly/knitting friend and myself observed this as well and pounder if this is due to sun exposure.  I purchased both DB and BB never removed from the box.  

Also, another dolly/knitting friend thought that Hollywood's face was rounder than BB.  I think this is just an illusion.  If you try to look past the blushing on Hollywood, you can see that the faces are the same.  Her make up is brighter and more "mod" than BB who is much more a natural girl.  With the blush differences, Hollywood's is much more noticeable it draws the eye down to the lower part of the face creating the illusion.

I cannot find anything on this detail but in a discussion it was said that EBL face mold is the same as BL.  I have not ran across this yet.  

Here are some more shots:

First night, her hair is still wet.

All glammed up in vintage Mattel PJ dress and handmade granny square hat.

Hollywood isn't her name.  If you have seen Cool World, the Kim Basinger's character is Holly Would.  Not a name I really want to keep for this girl, she is too sweet.  

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Hollywood Blythe

Tuesday after an intense, light headed, eBay Auction, I won EBL Hollywood Blythe.  Of course, I am completely and utterly broke now, but she will be worth it.  When I purchased Disco Boogie in Spring of 2013 I had a very hard decision to make, NRFB Disco in the US, or nude Hollywood in Hong Kong, both for about the same price.  In fact if I remember right, Hollywood was higher.

I chose DB obviously.  I had never seen an EBL Hollywood go for the price offered and it sent up a red flag for me.  Her price seemed way too good to be true.  I actually had a strong feeling that something was wrong with her, like a broke eye mech.  Now, I have a Hollywood on her way to me in the US!

I feel guilty for spending so much on myself right at Christmas time.  I decided it is time to part with a lot of my Pullip items.

Here are some of the seller's photos:

I have looked at photos that others have posted on Flickr.  I really love the BL version of Hollywood, but with all honesty, I will not be able to every afford or justify her cost.  

Hollywood will arrive with some of her accessories.  From the photos I can tell she has her undies, boots, purse, stand, and card.  It is hard telling if anything else is traveling with her.

She is in my town right now!  Even though she does not say "Out for Delivery," I figure she is for sure since she got here in enough time to make it on the truck.  I might order entirely too many items to know the inner workings of my local PO.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Is that a Mermaid?

Story goes like this, I was watching Alfred Hitchcock Presents on Netflix and was looking at all of the items that my daughter left in the den, one being a Blythe body.  I assume this body is a factory body since I have not found any of my formally released dolls bodies falling apart.  It fell right apart without much persuasion.

This is the first time I've gotten to see how the legs function.  The peg that is inside the leg that is inserted into the hip to created joints have a more rotating motion that I did not expect.  The reason this is not noticed on the doll is because of the way the hip hits the "groin" area; it makes the legs' motion more fixed.

Interesting stuff, huh?

I pulled the plastic away from the hip and cut the piece to get the hip joint I needed for my experiment.  After some whittling, sanding, cutting, and, finally, dremeling, I was able to get the joints the exact size to insert into the Monster High Create-a-Monster mermaid fin.

It is not a tight permanent hold yet.  I have to problem solve that.  For most part, the project went as I wanted it too.  The tail was not designed for a head as big as Blythe so a stand will be needed to hold her up.  I  used my customized TBL as the test subject.

Sorry for the blurry pic.

I do not care for the pink band's decor, but I really does make the fin look more complete.

This doll is still for sale.  To see her specs, see this post:  TBL for Sale---SOLD.  As of right now she is "as is."  I might remake her some and try to sale her later.  If I do that, I will consider selling the mermaid body with her. :)

Thursday, November 13, 2014

No Dresses for Severus

Great news! The Licca Boyfriend body is actually just about the same size as a Blythe body! Severus is pleased, now he won't be wearing dresses.

The boy body has slightly longer arms and legs, but this isn't enough to worry.  I surmised that the feet were really close to Licca and Blythe and I was right!  The boots that come with Prairie Prose(?),* Cousin Olivia, Slow Nimes, Gentle River, etc. fit perfectly.

You can see a little bit of wrist, but not enough to matter.

Since daylight savings time my afternoons are already dark and I have mediocre photos.  Sorry!  Severus is wearing Coolcat shirt, Over the Stripes pants, and PP's boots.  

I was really happy to know that I am not starting completely over on his wardrobe.  I have several pairs of cargo-style pants like OTS and Casual Affair.  OTS stock is perfect.  The set was on the masculine side, except for the skirt maybe.  I also think Love Mission's police uniform might be passable for Severus.

A new adventure started last night when I found a falling apart Factory Blythe body.  Hint?  The is a tail. Bahahah! Feeling a little bit like a mad scientist of plastic.

*I can never remember her full release name.  The redhead with freckles that came in a prairie-style outfit.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014


Check our the "Last Chance!" section of my shop, Blythe Knits.   I am discontinuing most of my ready made items.  Hurry though, once this listings expire they will not be renewed.

I do not plan to stock overly often any longer.

Keep an eye out during Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday, I will be running shop specials for these three days.

Little Severus

Little Severus (name for now) is complete with a boy body!  I ordered the Licca Boyfriend to be the donor.

The neck is a lot different than Licca.  I did not get photos of any of my alterations, but there is a good photo on Flickr by a customizer.*  I essentially mimicked her solution.  I did find that the two pieces of the body at the neck was not sealed well so I had to resort to a type of glue, that I will not mention, to keep the screw in to hold the washer.*

Severus and Gatsby.  

Severus is about one inch taller than a stock Blythe.  Gatsby has a Licca body.

His feet do seem to be very similar to this Licca's feet.  I am hopeful that I have shoes that will fit him. So far, all that I know will fit him is his stock clothing.  I will try out the rest of Over the Stripes stock. 

I hope to sew him some jeans and make him a knitted slouchy hat this weekend.

*Search "boy Blythe."   The customizer is named Astrosnik.

*It is not recommended type of glue for dolls.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Little Boy

I have in the past tried to create a boy Blythe.  It was not a success.  I gave it another try with an Icy doll.  I have seen some really amazing boys from Icy dolls on Flickr and I happened to have one on hand.

The base dolls is the blue hair Police woman.

This is the first try:

I wasn't happy.

He does not have hair in this photo and I did not have money to buy anything.  

I decided to use the original scalp.  It looks really cute with the part line off to the side so I will be attempting to glue it off center.

This is the most recent photo of him:

Isn't he Snape like with the blue hair?

I sanded the lips again. Re-did some of the faceup.  It is really hard to find a happy place between too boring and too much.  I took a chance and added indigo into his eyebrows.  There is blue shadow around his eyes just to depth.

Right now his still has the green eyes from the first photo.  I like the brown eyes the best.  This a project on a budget so I will re-purpose the green by painting them.

Now, to order him a body.  I'm going to try the Licca boyfriend doll as a body donor.  

I hope to share him completed soon.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

TBL for sale

I completed the translucent TBL Blythe and she is looking for a new home.

She will travel nude. She is not factory perfect.

Paypal only, no e-checks. SOLD USD + shipping. Sell will be dependent on feedback trades.

Sorry the photos are not the best.  I can take more on request.

Icy chips/Cool Cat grey glitter (not shown)

Brainworm milky chips/black (not shown)

silver lids/black shadow
slight flaws on the lids
sleepy eyes, no charms on ribbon pulls.

Please email me at  Thank you.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Wonderfrog Family

My Wonderfrog family has expanded!

I now have:

Klimt- Wanda Wonderfrog (original green)
Gwen- Flora Heimel (pink, my daughter's frog)
Darwin- Stella di Noche
Stella- Von Elm (light blue)
Frost- Snow Frome
and, Chicken Frog- (Yellow Fortune frog that reminds me of wubba chikens)

I am actively seeking a Bonewalker doll also.

I also have several Wonderfrog patterns available:

Girl and Boy Frog bathing suits:

Fortune Frog sweater

Frog Pajamas

Sweat and Skirt set

Frog shorts

I'm sure I will have soon. :)

TBL, cont.

I thought of a few more details to add about the TBL.

Eye chips-

The eye chips do not have the clarity that Factory or Takara dolls and they appear to be flatter.  The pupil area on the surfaces seems to almost have a concave spot.

Coolcat, Brainworm, and Icy chips (smaller or larger than Blythe's chips, I can't remember) into the TBL doll.  All three types were too small.


Something that you commonly hear that determines if the doll is a Factory or TBL are the knees not bending.  However, the TBL body does click three times.  The legs are not as stiff and do bend oddly when I tried.

Full face pics coming soon.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Factory vs. TBL

I know there are a million opinions and tons of information out there about Factory Blythe and TBL* Blythe.

Some call both Factory and TBL dolls clones.  Some feel that Factory are truly factory seconds and not fakes.  TBL are supposedly straight up fakes/clones*.

I have what are know as Factory dolls before and everything was interchangeable with Takara released Blythes.  I recently bought a doll that I feel is a TBL.

My observations:

Bigger eye chip sockets
Nose abnormalities
Larger eye holes
Better hair quality
Softer faceplate plastic
Poorer body

The eye chips did not fit Takara released Blythe! I tried RBL (Nicki Lad) and RBL+ (Mandy Cotton Candy).  This was a huge disappointment. Fortunately, I learned before buying any additional ones from Etsy that are possible TBLs leftovers after someone's custom projects.

I could not pin point the nose.  It was not a RBL and definitely not a SBL.  It was somewhere between FBL and RBL+, but even then there were details that were wrong.  I only snapped pics with RBL before starting to carve.

I have in the past had to carve out eye holes to allow additional space for decorative eyelids.  I didn't with this doll.  I see more of her eye mech at the bottom than normal.

The hair quality is really pretty amazing.  The scalps is thick with really soft saran/nylon/whatever [I am unsure of the difference].  The rooting job, the part line in particular, is different from Takara releases.   It isn't due to the declining quality of Takara releases, or the odd new bang/fringe style.  The part line goes farther back on the head and isn't quite as neatly finished at the end.

I am not good at carving.  I am easily frustrated.  I could not believe how easy the plastic carved.  It was like plastic butter.  At times I thought I over carved it was so easy.

The body is awful.  It is hot in my region.  I thought the heat made the leg plastic soft, but it never firmed up.  The hips are loose and seem to fan out at the top unlike other models of Blythe.  Also, the body and face do not match.

I wish now I would have taken more photographs, but I was anxious to start my project.  Here is some progress photos:


I had planned to root a mohair scalp in natural white/blonde; however, I lost interest.  Her scalp looks decent with the face up and I might add other colors into it eventually.  I think she is missing an element on her face.  I will probably add a beauty mark around her left eye (my right).

*Taobao Blythe, coined by Dr. Blythenstein after the site purchased from, I think. 

*Clone can be interchangeable for fake.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014


Wow, life has moved fast lately.

In the real world I now have a third grader and I graduated with my Master of Science in Library Science from Clarion University of Pennsylvania.  And, we bought a house.  The renovations are nearly complete.

In my dolly world, I sold majority of my Pullips.  I have only 1 Pullip (Sticca), 3 Taeyangs (for now), and 1 Dal.

I can't remember what my last Blythe list was here.  Here goes:

EBL- Bohemian Beats, Disco Boogie

SBL- Can Can Cat, Pow Wow Poncho, I Love You It's True

RBL- Simply Mango, Sunshine Holiday, Prima Dolly Saffy, Cassiopeia Spice, Prairie Prose, Angelica Eve, Bohemian Peace

RBL+ and FBL- Mandy Cotton Candy, Hi Ho Marine, Simply Vanilla

Custom African American Factory and a soon to be customized translucent TBL or Factory


Furry Bella Bo, Nelly Nibbles, Macaroon Q-Tea Party, Lily Brown, Suzie Hysteric, Melomelomew.

The newest Petites are Suri and Rendez Chou Chou.

Blythe house mates aka my daughter's dolls-

Simply Chocolate and Nicki Lad.  The Pepe (purple haired middie) will be arriving by sleigh at Christmas. ;)

Also, new Wonderfrogs moved in!

I hope for life to slow down now that I have graduated and I can start sharing doll post again.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

AA, BB, Pullip??

I bought two Pullips from a friend awhile ago- one is Jada, maybe, and the other was Bloody Red.  I liked Bloody Red, but I think what I liked most was her clothing.  She arrived to me starkers.  I had decided to customize her into a Calavera.  That was a bust.  I have now decided to customize her into a black beauty or African American doll.

I just decided this a few hours ago while there was snow flurries.  No painting happening today, or tomorrow; however, Friday's weather is looking like perfect painting day!

Now, I regret taking our her stock eye chips.  I am not sure if I can track them down.  I do have Icy chips so maybe they will work.

Once again, the problem is ALWAYS the body.  I have a spare Pullip body, but not sure if I want to destroy it yet. Pullip Style is out of replacement bodies for Pullip.

I will try to take some photos and keep my post updated.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Jasper Hat for Ken

I made this hat for a friend's Twilight Jasper doll.  I have not heard how it works out with his hair yet, but it looks great on my vintage Ken. I thought I would share the pattern with everyone.  As of right now, I have not tested out all of the stitch counts.  They should be pretty close though.

Jasper Hat for Ken

by Natalie Scrimshire, owner of Blythe Knits Etsy Shop


Sock yarn
Darning needle


CO 32 sts, work in the round

K1 x P1 rib for 3 rounds.

K15, KFB, K15, KFB (34 sts)

St. st. for 1 inch.


K14, K2tog, K14, K2tog (32 sts)

Knit 2 rounds.

*K6, K2tog,* all around.  (28 sts)

Knit 1 round.

*K5, K2tog,* all around (24 sts)

Knit 1 round.

*K4, K2tog,* all around. (20 st)

*K3, K2tog,* all around. (16 sts)

*K2, K2tog,* all around. (12 sts)

*K2tog,* all around. (4 sts)

Cut yarn and pull through the remaining stitches.  Weave in ends.

Copyright by Natalie Scrimshire, 2014.  Please do not reproduce my pattern or product for commercial purposes.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Still around!

Seems that all of my latest blog entries have had the theme "I'm still here."  I am.  Christmas came and went.  I did knit a lot but sewing was a complete bust.  I am hoping for a little easier semester ahead of me.  I have the spring semester and a 5 week summer semester left!  My internship will extend on into August and hopefully I will have my hours complete with a diploma in my hand!!

Since it is the new year I guess I should join the flock and post my goals and resolutions.

Goal #1, Graduate
Goal #2, Yarn stash bust
Goal #3, Do my best to not add anymore dolls to my collection.
Goal #4, Only buy yarn with a project in mind and start immediately.

Since I'm trying not to buy more dolls, the ones that I have (like my Pullips) will go into storage.  This way I will keep the same ones and bring them back out like a kid with old/new toys!  In theory this should work, I will see.

I am moving sometime late spring/early summer.  Actually I am moving one house over from my current house, but I have a lot of things to go through before then.  Many items are going to charity.  It is just time to declutter.  It is so hard!  The best part about the new house is that I will be getting a sewing/craft/doll room!!  YAY!

I close this entry with a photo I took last night of my new Luxie Lou shirts:

Michael (Furry Bella Bo), Natty (I Love You Its True), and all of my little Chihauhuas.
Tico and Roo are my real life Chihuahuas. :)