Monday, November 24, 2014


Hollywood made it here safe and sound!  After a few washings of the hair with lavender oil, she is looking fabulous now.

I found her rather interesting when comparing her with the other EBLs I own and with some RBLs.

First up, EBL-1 Bohemian Beats (first version)

Notice the skin tone difference?

Second, EBL-10 Disco Boogie

RBL Prima Dolly Saffy (unsure of the version) since the hair is similar in style.

RBL Sunshine Holiday since Hollywood seemed really tan up against Simply Chocolate (FBL) and Nicki Lad (RBL).

I read up some on EBLs face mold and skin tones once winning Hollywood.  According to a wiki EBLs share the same skin tone aside from Cinnamon Girl who was released with a tan.  However, Hollywood seems darker than DB and BB.  Both a fellow dolly/knitting friend and myself observed this as well and pounder if this is due to sun exposure.  I purchased both DB and BB never removed from the box.  

Also, another dolly/knitting friend thought that Hollywood's face was rounder than BB.  I think this is just an illusion.  If you try to look past the blushing on Hollywood, you can see that the faces are the same.  Her make up is brighter and more "mod" than BB who is much more a natural girl.  With the blush differences, Hollywood's is much more noticeable it draws the eye down to the lower part of the face creating the illusion.

I cannot find anything on this detail but in a discussion it was said that EBL face mold is the same as BL.  I have not ran across this yet.  

Here are some more shots:

First night, her hair is still wet.

All glammed up in vintage Mattel PJ dress and handmade granny square hat.

Hollywood isn't her name.  If you have seen Cool World, the Kim Basinger's character is Holly Would.  Not a name I really want to keep for this girl, she is too sweet.  

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