Monday, March 30, 2015

Ashton Drake Galleries Blythe, revisited

My second, third and fourth Blythes were Ashton Drake Galleries (ADG) Blythes, known as the American cousins to the Japanese designed Takara Blythes.  I had this theory when I was first collecting- one in, one out; buy one, sell one.  That's how ADG 1 (Pinafore Purple) and 2 (Pleasant Peasant) left my collection.  The third (Roaring Red) hung around awhile with many faces until I finally sold her.  Now, Pow Wow Poncho has joined my clan.

I've had Kenner fever.  There is no way I can afford a Kenner at the current market prices, so I went the next best thing- ADG Blythe. If I remember right, the ADG face mold was created from a scan of a Kenner (Puchi Collective website with face mold info is on a hiatus or I would check this fact.)  ADG's do not have the correct lip shape or the aged translucent plastic; however, they are delightful dolls in their own way.

How long has it been since you opened up a Takara Blythe with absolutely gorgeous and perfectly styled hair?  Forever? Yeah, me too. Take a look at this:

 My only complaint is a plug that is a little too sparse right at the front.  The hair net flattened it and has made it look worse.

Just about everything about her is better than I remembered.  Her eye shadow is darker, skin tone is pretty (sometimes they have green cast), and her hair is so soft.  I did forget the extreme down cast on the front gazes.  Her eye mech has the soft "pip" sound described of Kenners.  The RBL+ now has the same "pip" as an intentional design feature to replicate the Kenner also.

I have EBL, SBL, RBL, RBL+, and FBL face molds.  I took comparison photos with all, but FBL, which I forgot...Claudia stays in my bedroom.




RBL+ and ADG

The old Barbie collection came in handy:

Not the most picturesque scene.  Wedding day dress reproduction.

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