Tuesday, March 10, 2015

La Tora's make over

Years and years ago (translation: 3 or 4 years ago) I purchased a Blythe clone doll, Basaak, for my daughter.  She was young, too young for a Blythe.  She ended up with 3 customized Basaak dolls.  La Tora is the youngest of the group which I purchased through Blythe Kingdom.

After many years of play La Tora was in bad need of a re-make over and hair treatment.

Left, "quitting while I'm ahead" philtrum, Right, "okay, let's try it" philtrum

I was not overly adventurous with carving.  I am still not overly confident in it.  I took a chance in carving her a more defined nose, philtrum, and lips.  As bizarre as it sounds, I observe the philtrum in actresses and "real life" people to demystify a feature I never thought about prior to Blythe.

Before photos:

After photos:

I kept the make up design basically the same.  The heart was upon request this time.  I couldn't get eye lashes back in to the slot this time.  La Tora got a new body also- an Icy body.

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