Thursday, June 11, 2015

Cherry Beach Sunset Blythe

Borrowed from Plastic Fashion on Flickr, which was borrowed from Junie-Moon-CWC

The last newly released Blythe that I purchased was Mandy Cotton Candy last April/May.  The only Blythe that I've ever purchased exclusively by the illustration was the middie, Melomelomew.

The July release has caught my attention:  Cherry Beach Sunset.  She is one that I would purchase from the illustration alone.  I'm afraid I've missed my chance.  C&C Toys had a pre-order sale this morning that lasted 3 minutes.  That does not sound overly promising.

If I don't catch her elsewhere, I guess I will have to face the reality of not getting her.  I fear she will be another Alexis Emerald.

ETA: I entered the Junie Moon lottery (closing June 8th.) June 10th is the invoice day (maybe on June 9th for me due the the dateline.)  I will see what happens.  I don't have overly high hopes.  7-6-2015

ETA: I didn't win the lottery.  I'm guessing I will survive not having.

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