Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Doll inventory

New petite- Sunset Surfer

I thought I would list my current Blythe collection.  I have not done so in awhile.  I'd like to say I'm finished, but I'm sure I am not especially after seeing the illustration of a new release (swoon.)


ADG: Pow Wow Poncho

EBL: Bohemian Beats, Disco Boogie, Hollywood

SBL: Can Can Cat, I Love You It's True, Pow Wow Poncho

RBL: Simply Mango, Cassiopeia Spice, Prairie Prose,* Angelica Eve, Saffy, Sunshine Holiday

RBL+: Hi Ho Marine, Mandy Cotton Candy

FBL: Simply Vanilla

Factory/TBL: Custom, Dark Tan


My middie gang increased by two in a matter of months.

Macaroon Q-Tea Party, Lily Brown, Melomelomew, Suzy Hysteric, Nelly Nibbles, Furry Bella Bo, Alicia Cupcake, Twinkle Princess

I cannot name all of my petites.  I can say I bought Cinnamon Girl, Shanghai Season, and Sunset Surfer.  Out of the three Cinnamon Girl is my least favorite.  I'm still looking for a blue haired petite.

*  I have a mental block on this stock name.

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