Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Blythe a Day September 1-12

September 1st- Bambi:  Tweedle enticed fawns to her.

September 2nd- Fire:  Surfer Girl posing near an artist rendition of a burning building. Art by Rowan.

September 3rd- Speed:  Merrick sped into the driveway knocking poor Coco out of her seat in the back.

September 4th- Photography: Julian with a toy camera being photographed with a DSLR being photographed with a iPhone 5 camera.

September 5th- Beards: Did mustaches avoid the Russian beard tax of 1698?

September 6th- Italy:  The girls are enjoying Italian- American and vino (for the underaged ones Italian soda.) Anyone who owns chihuahuas knows they are never far away when food is around.

September 7th- Lace: Cobb and Lil Tico got caught playing in the vintage lace.

September 8th- Ribbons: Sparrow sporting her ribbons. The dress is an altered Barbie Rapunzel dress.

September 9th- Silver

September 10th- Sewing: Poe is making the last stitches in the new thrown pillow.

September 11th- Flowers: Claudia is queen pissy pants in roses. It's heading into a last parts of summer and I have no flowers left.

September 12th- Gold

This is as far as I got in September!!

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