Wednesday, June 29, 2016

And then there were two Kenners

I guess I had a moment of somewhat tipsiness last week and found this girl at a lower BIN than my first Kenner.  I felt very guilty, but I'm glad I purchased her.

Arrival bath photo

Kenner #2 is a head and half of a body.  The face is in nice condition.  She has some stains and missing some of her bottom lip paint, but in a way I think it makes her more interesting.  She is missing her original pull chord unlike my first Kenner.

Other than the replacement pull chord, it's pretty apparent that she has been opened at one time.  There are pry marks where the face plates meet and some cracking where the hard cap inserts in the plates.  Took me forever to get the hard cap off.  I had to do some trimming of plastic and glue.

The hair is horrendous.  It is very matted and plugs are missing.  I've worked out some of the matting only to find that the scalp is ripped at the thatch line.  I soaked it for over 48 hours in fabric softener.  As of right now, I'm going to store it and decide if I want to do something with it later.  As of right now, I plan to order a wig from Sleeping Elf.  I am, again, too lazy to make one myself.  Since going full time I have precious little free time.

some of the missing plugs can be seen

She is now on an alter Licca body.  I used the bolt method with epoxy to secure it in the neck hole.  It works!  After applying the epoxy I had to file it down to make the right fit. The body color matches the face also.  

Awaiting her new hair!

Monday, June 20, 2016

BaD June 6th-9th, 11th

I flaked pretty much from the beginning this month.  I'm going to attempt to catch a few more days.  I've been busy nearly every weekend!

This month was 1980's themed songs.  Some of them were more difficult than I first expected.

June 6th- Blue Monday

June 7th- Pretty in Pink
1965 It's a small world LP album

June 8th- Red shoes

June 9th- Mickey

June 11th- Sunglasses at night

Thursday, June 9, 2016

James, maybe

A couple of months ago I posted about the doll formerly know as Gidget.  I believe I'm naming her James and she has new hair!

A friend on IG/Ravelry had purchased this wig from Sleepy Elf.  She offered it up for me since this is exactly what I was looking for this doll.

I glued the wig on since there was no way it was staying otherwise.  I had dyed a Simply Vanilla scalp to switch back and forth with but it did not improve or enhance her.

Simply Vanilla hair is more yellow than it appears hence the green tint.

Blythe a Day May 11-12th

These are the last two days I participated in Blythe a Day in May.  I thought I could keep up and do some in Disney, but it wasn't really possible.  Security was a pain to get through so I ended up ditching my bag and carrying only my wallet.  Also, the Beetle songs were difficult to theme a photo around.

May 11th Help!

May 12th Kaleidoscope- which is a reference to Lucy in the Sky.  

Monday, May 9, 2016

Blythe a Day: May 1st - May 9th

I'm participating in Blythe a Day again.  A lot of Beetle songs this month that will be challenging.

May 1st- May Flowers
May 2nd- A day in the life. Modeling.
May 3rd- Flying.
May 4th- May the 4th be with you.
May 5th- Cinco de Mayo!
May 6th- All together now.  Must be treat time.

May 7th- skipped.

May 8th- Mother should know.  Moth playing house with the Sonnies.  Looks like a scolding.
May 9th- All you need is love....especially sisterly love.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Kenner Blythe

After hair soaking and some face cream

I've been collecting Blythe since 2010; at first owning a Kenner was not priority.  Over time I've watched ups and downs in the market and in the community.  Kenner Blythes soared in prices after she was featured on a cable television program with the price tag of $800-900 [I believe he paid $700 but intended to get $1,500].  I thought my chances of owning a Kenner was over.  Prices sky rocketed after that episode now that everyone knew what Blythe was for sure.  I saw a NRFB Kenner on eBay for $3,000 just this week.

Also, this week I saw a lull in pricing for the TLC dolls.  It was low enough that I felt confident in bringing home a Kenner thanks to Paypal Credit.

I got up at 2 am and 10 bids later I won her!!

She is a fixer upper, but I'm not complaining!!

Some information that I found out from her 2 eBay listings.

She was bought by the person who sold her to me on March 12, 2016 from California.  She is a 6 line Kenner.  Her eye lashes were sparse.  I bought her on the April 19th from Massachusetts.  Her body was switched out with a 7 line Kenner and had no eye lashes.

Straight out of the box.


I'm too impatient!!  I had to get her cleaned off and her hair worked out.

Her hair is still crunchy and fried looking at the ends.  She is still yellow but I don't care she is mine!  I replaced her eye lashes.  I might replace them again once my cheap ones from China arrive.  I'm considering altering a Licca body for her to preserve the semi-original body.  It has a crack in the butt which I figure will not hold for long with the glue job by the last owner.

She has no name.  Right now she is going by Miss K.  I hope it doesn't stick. 

Monday, April 18, 2016

Disney bound

My family is off to Disney World again in a month.  I've been preparing travel garments for Moth.

I'm hoping to have more opportunities to photograph my doll this time in less crowded areas.  Last time (June 2012) with Gatsby was difficult to get decent photos since I had to stop in packed walk areas basically.

I've been working on gathering clothing. So far I have:

Tea and Tarts stock

Umbrella is actually Cute and Curious stock.  The headband is staying home.  I'm using Cousin Olivia's headband instead.

Sparkle Girlz set- white crop top and flowered shorts....I can't find a photo.  You should try these sets.  They are under 2 dollars at Walmart.  Fit decently and fair quality.  Not top, but nice enough for 2 bucks.  Here is a photo of the ones I purchased a while ago.

They have fair variety and not just everything is pink.  I try to pick the ones that aren't anyways.

Red polka dot Minnie Mouse dress. I am not fantastic at collars, but looks adorable with the felt Mickey Ears I made before the last trip which I forgot to take.

I'm probably going to use white sock and boots with all of the outfits.  I found that I prefer boots since they stay on better which reduces the risk of loosing them.  My favorite are the witchy boots.  I have 5-6 pairs now in white, cream, and sparkle Jemgirl also! 

I'm going to try and post my new rement sets next!

Friday, April 1, 2016

Remember Gidget?

Remember the Factory/TBL Gidget with a tan?

I tried selling her without success.  She's my last fakie.  There is not resale value and I like to sell my dolls too often to buy ones that have no second hand market value.  Since I cannot sell her, I customized her.

I cut the hair off of her scalp.  I'm looking for the perfect wig for her.  I'm thinking peacock blue.  She is no longer named Gidget.  She is back to no name.  This was my first custom using a dremel tool.  I over carved her eye sockets.  I will be more careful in the future.

New dolls

I got a new job in December.  The consequences with the job has been more money and less time.  I have added several new girls to the house since December.  Here goes:

Rouge Noir, March 2016:

Odekake Kimono Musume, March 2016: 

Tea for Two, February 2016:

with custom reroot by Shershe.  I redid her faceup.

Unknown SBL, December 2015:

Effluo custom with Sleeping Elf wig with touch up by me.