Wednesday, June 29, 2016

And then there were two Kenners

I guess I had a moment of somewhat tipsiness last week and found this girl at a lower BIN than my first Kenner.  I felt very guilty, but I'm glad I purchased her.

Arrival bath photo

Kenner #2 is a head and half of a body.  The face is in nice condition.  She has some stains and missing some of her bottom lip paint, but in a way I think it makes her more interesting.  She is missing her original pull chord unlike my first Kenner.

Other than the replacement pull chord, it's pretty apparent that she has been opened at one time.  There are pry marks where the face plates meet and some cracking where the hard cap inserts in the plates.  Took me forever to get the hard cap off.  I had to do some trimming of plastic and glue.

The hair is horrendous.  It is very matted and plugs are missing.  I've worked out some of the matting only to find that the scalp is ripped at the thatch line.  I soaked it for over 48 hours in fabric softener.  As of right now, I'm going to store it and decide if I want to do something with it later.  As of right now, I plan to order a wig from Sleeping Elf.  I am, again, too lazy to make one myself.  Since going full time I have precious little free time.

some of the missing plugs can be seen

She is now on an alter Licca body.  I used the bolt method with epoxy to secure it in the neck hole.  It works!  After applying the epoxy I had to file it down to make the right fit. The body color matches the face also.  

Awaiting her new hair!

Monday, June 20, 2016

BaD June 6th-9th, 11th

I flaked pretty much from the beginning this month.  I'm going to attempt to catch a few more days.  I've been busy nearly every weekend!

This month was 1980's themed songs.  Some of them were more difficult than I first expected.

June 6th- Blue Monday

June 7th- Pretty in Pink
1965 It's a small world LP album

June 8th- Red shoes

June 9th- Mickey

June 11th- Sunglasses at night

Thursday, June 9, 2016

James, maybe

A couple of months ago I posted about the doll formerly know as Gidget.  I believe I'm naming her James and she has new hair!

A friend on IG/Ravelry had purchased this wig from Sleepy Elf.  She offered it up for me since this is exactly what I was looking for this doll.

I glued the wig on since there was no way it was staying otherwise.  I had dyed a Simply Vanilla scalp to switch back and forth with but it did not improve or enhance her.

Simply Vanilla hair is more yellow than it appears hence the green tint.

Blythe a Day May 11-12th

These are the last two days I participated in Blythe a Day in May.  I thought I could keep up and do some in Disney, but it wasn't really possible.  Security was a pain to get through so I ended up ditching my bag and carrying only my wallet.  Also, the Beetle songs were difficult to theme a photo around.

May 11th Help!

May 12th Kaleidoscope- which is a reference to Lucy in the Sky.