Monday, March 16, 2015

LPS Petite Project

I found the car interior paint in my town that I have used for making black Blythes! I was so excited, I bought a can.

I sprayed this little girl down.  She was floating around without hair until this weekend.  I finally discovered where I put my easy peasy rerooting tool.  It was in a good spot actually.  I just forgot I put it in my sewing basket.

This is Pilot (the pen company, I believe) Purple to Blue thermal hair.  First thing my daughter singed the hank to make it turn colors up against our heater. It is super heat sensitive and melts quickly.  It changes with the slightest touch now.



I really love the blue with the dark brown skin color.  I wish that I would have bought blue to mix with the thermal.  I was trying to get out of my comfort zone (blue) to wild (purple).

Now to find where I stashed her body!

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

La Tora's make over

Years and years ago (translation: 3 or 4 years ago) I purchased a Blythe clone doll, Basaak, for my daughter.  She was young, too young for a Blythe.  She ended up with 3 customized Basaak dolls.  La Tora is the youngest of the group which I purchased through Blythe Kingdom.

After many years of play La Tora was in bad need of a re-make over and hair treatment.

Left, "quitting while I'm ahead" philtrum, Right, "okay, let's try it" philtrum

I was not overly adventurous with carving.  I am still not overly confident in it.  I took a chance in carving her a more defined nose, philtrum, and lips.  As bizarre as it sounds, I observe the philtrum in actresses and "real life" people to demystify a feature I never thought about prior to Blythe.

Before photos:

After photos:

I kept the make up design basically the same.  The heart was upon request this time.  I couldn't get eye lashes back in to the slot this time.  La Tora got a new body also- an Icy body.

Monday, March 9, 2015

Toysfield Kuma

The last post I composed was supposed to have another post afterwards about my Toysfield Kuma.  A family emergency kept me from posting like I intended.

back together again

I did not take deboxing photos like with Little Grey.  I was so shocked to open Kuma up and discover his head rolling around inside his box.  I hoped that it was an easy fix.  Bah!  He was broken!!

The seller and I were both bummed.  It happened during shipping.  A very sad day.

I had two options- no repairs and have a broken doll, or, try the repairs and have a possible fixed doll.  If it went badly, I would still have a broken doll.  I decided to take a chance.

I seam ripped down the back and found the broken piece.  The neck is a ball and socket (like a hip joint). The socket part broke off during shipping.  I suspect the neck tie was too tight and any impact to the box put pressure on this weak portion of the doll.

neck ball joint

broken neck socket

broken piece

I found epoxy that's good for practically any application.  I rebuilt the neck like making a coil pot while holding the broken portion together.  I had to work fast!  The epoxy started drying in less than 5 minutes.  It was low fume, but I did miss the part about gloves. DOH! Yeah, wear gloves.  Epoxy is apparently poisonous while it is in the putty form.  I am happy to say I am still alive.

This epoxy stuff is incredible!!  It worked!  I was unable to get photos of the process.

My Kuma is back in one piece.  The head is a little shaky, but that's better than broken.

Tico and Kuma 

I hope to take Kuma out on some adventures.  So far all he has done is a truck trip in the woods.  We stayed in the truck since it was raining.  I wanted to see if a real bear happened by so I could try to get a photo of them together.  I then remembered bears are hibernating.  Silly me.

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Nudist Colony??

I admittedly have too many dolls.  Blythe dolls to be exact.

What do you do when you have so many girls that you cannot creatively dress them?  They all join a nudist colony? Buy new clothes? Make new clothes?

I have gone from one extreme to the other- sew like a mad person to knitting the exact same sweater about a million times. Okay, it was all the same style dress with variations.  I have no idea what is driving me to knit the same style sweater over and over, especially since I'm no longer stocking ready made items in my Etsy shop.  It's all good except no one has pants or skirts to go with the sweaters and spring might be here soonish.

What is the creative solution here??

A few sets per doll?

I actually trying this right now with one doll.  I keep Claudia in my bedroom with Jack.  She has several sets of clothes that I put her in periodically.  She always wears her Jack cameo, black tights, and witchy boots.

Several dolls that I have always struggled dressing based on their looks.  For example, Poe, who just went on a grand adventure (aka she went to a customizer) has always been hard to find a good style for.  I always thought this was her bait condition.  Nope, I just can't find anything right for her. 

Even though I have too many dolls, I am not willing to part with anyone.  I want to keep everyone.  I have pretty much ran out of room in the cabinet.  I guess that means some need to live elsewhere in the house.

Saturday, January 31, 2015

Poe's adventures

I bought Poe, SBL Pow Wow Poncho, from eBay maybe a little over a year ago.  The seller lived about 2.5 hours from me which I found interesting.  I only know of one other Blythe collector in my state.

She arrived without her stock eye shadow and that typical SBL downward gaze.  If I remember right, she had a slight melt mark from her pull chord which I buffed out.

I started following a fellow Blythe collector on Instagram named Coffeedove.  I was drawn in by her images of reptiles, and other animals, and her illustrations.  About a week ago Coffeedove posted an offer of free custom work.  I though why not!

I never could decide what to do with poor Poe.  She is the most neglected doll in my collection.  In preparation for her travels I opened up Poe.  I've had some experience opening SBLs, including the hack saw method.

Now, she looks amazing!  The following are Coffeedove's images:

First image and lid painting

Lids, Very Vicky chips (in prior to travels), pull chords

hand painted chips

Very Vicky chips with faceup

I should be seeing her on Monday!  

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Toysfield Usagi

Being naughty is apparently my middle name.  How can I be good when I find such good deals on eBay by accident!

The latest "accident" is a Toysfield Usagi*!  This bit of fur and plastic is absolutely the most adorable toy.  I actually ran across how the Toysfields are made and it made me realize that they are basically BJDs (ball jointed dolls) rather than a stuffed toys.  Once I realized this, I caved and bought one.

There is a plastic skeletal/armature inside that allows full articulation in the limbs, ears, and neck.  I am impressed by the quality.

I am unsure why, but my Usagi is signed.  I feel it is a signature rather than a stamp or painted since I can see where the pen started and stopped by the artist.  I trolled Flickr and Instagram prior to my Little Grey (temp name) arriving; I did not find all that many grey rabbits.  The eBay seller was under the impression that the grey color is somewhat rare.  I guess he could be right.  

Gratefully, my Little Grey had booklets called Toysfield Artbook and Toysfield Artbook 2.  Inside was a story about Cherry Pudding (pink), Marshmallow Gray (grey*), and Meringue White (white) and release information in English.  Artbook 2 had Kuma (bear) paper dolls and sewing patterns.  I will trying them soon!

Story and release information

I could not find deboxing photos.  Here is a collage I made of my deboxing photos:  

Full sized images are also on my Flickr.

It is safe to say that I am in love.  There will be more photos on my Instagram and Flickr accounts.  I don't have the IG badge yet, but if interested in following me my user names is @blytheknits.  I am hoping to have a Kuma soon.

*Usagi is Japanese for rabbit.

*I prefer grey with an 'e', but the official release name was with an 'a'.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Reading Deluxe Kitchen Set

One of my goals for this year is to have some sort of doll house, room box, display, etc.  I kind of put the cart before the horse and bought the Reading Corp's Deluxe Kitchen set.  Well to be exact, I bought 2 partial sets.
first set

The first one is pretty used condition with the sink, refrigerator, and stove (no top cabinet).  Then, I purchased a near complete set within days of the first.

second set, table not pictured here

I cleaned the first set up and repainted the silver.  I'm giving this the pieces to my daughter.  Second set, all I had to do is clean it up.  I do believe the attic it came out of was from a coal heated home at one point.  My fingers looked like I was setting up a charcoal grill afterwards.  The suet did not stain the pieces.

It is unbelievable that the little paper boxes have survived since the 1960s!  In R's Playmobil sets, they were the first to be crushed.

A few bonus pieces, but mostly the set.  All dishes, pots, and pans included.  The two blue upside down looking cups below the red plates are actually salt and pepper shakers.

both handles are there

The silverware and utensil set is complete.  The clear box is a refrigerator bin.

I noticed some variations between the 2 sets.  There are screws in places on my better set that weren't ever there on the first (no holes).  I don't know what this means or if this is a way to date the production times.

One of the chairs have already suffered a causality.  As I was cleaning it the leg snapped off.  At closer inspection, it was an old repair with glue that resembled Elmer's or other craft glue.  I reattached it was E6000.  I had it on my real cabinet drying and R's hat strap caught knocked it off. Bah. The top snapped off then!  I glued that back on with E6000.  The leg stayed on, so that was a plus.  I won't be using the chair for more than sitting my Blythe chihuahuas in them.  The legs will won't hold any weight.

a bonus phone on the repaired chair

On top shelf is the last of my Pullip family and my Petworks Ussagie Bunny.

A few boxes are missing, but mostly the food pieces were not included.  I used a nice list I found on someone's blog to determine what I was missing.  Each section was consider to be up to 5 pieces.  For example, the stove was counted as 5 and it included: stove, battery cover, rotisserie turkey with rod,  and pot holder/rack.

I'm now on the hunt for rement and other miniatures.  This set matches the Ikea living room set decently.  My Sindy washer and dryer are actually blue (which match 1970s Barbie stuff well).  I haven enough items now to actually fill up a doll house.