Thursday, April 30, 2015

Middie and Lottie

I recently wrote about my thoughts on Lottie.  I was able to get photos of two of my Middie Blythes, Michael and Ralphie, in Lottie clothing.

Ralphie in Muddle Puddles clothing

Michael in Rockabilly clothing.

Muddle Puddles is the complete outfit.  All pieces worked perfectly on Ralphie except for her head is too big for the hood.  The Rockabilly out fit the glasses and headband do not fit.  The sleeves are slightly long since Lottie has longer arms.  That's not a deal breaker for me though.

I wanted to include some more information about the clothing.  I do not have dates on when particular dolls were released, but there seems to be a first set, second set, and third.

The first ones I received were Autumn Leaves, Pandora's Box, and Branksea Festival.  They all of them have velcro decals that are interchangeable.  It is a clever idea to "redesign" an outfit; however, if the decal is lost the shirt has a splotch of velcro exposed that is unsightly.  Somewhere in between the second and third sets the shirts decals are printed.  I really do prefer this style.

All of the clothing items (except glasses and head wear) that are purchased on Lottie have fit Middie.  BUT, this has not been the case with the clothing packs.  A lot of the times the shoes have been too big.  One outfit the tights were too baggy as well- even on Lottie.
The baggy tights.  The shoes did not fit well either.

Finn, the little boy, was released sometime around the second sets along with a super hero clothing pack. 

The boots are the best!!

I have a soccer outfit also, but can't find the photo.  The shoes are so large that they fit Neo Blythe.  My daughter has the pajama set and I have the Finn clothing pack.  Everything from these 2 work on Middie.

 I am not overly sure what the difference between the clothing packs versus the clothing on Lottie.  

If you are like me and want variety of colors for your dolls, Lottie clothing is really nice.  I am really like the more utilitarian/boyish clothing.  Girls can't always be in dress and lace.  

One time I wanted to take a Middie to the woods for photos.  I realized that they had nothing casual.  All the the clothing items were Mary Janes and dresses.  

I hope to the company continues to expand on the Lottie play line!

Wednesday, April 29, 2015


My Can Can Cat, Moon (previously known as Paris), made a journey to and from New York safely.  She received a full make over while visiting Coffeedove.

I'm loving her galaxy style shadow.  It is so bright and fun.  I quickly threw together the outfit she is pictured in.  I will have to dig through my stuff to find other items for her.  At the moment I cannot think of anything suitable, but sometimes the most unlikely outfits look good on the most unlikely candidates.

Here are all of her chips:

I have another idea for a custom doll!  She will have to wait until I get some other things taken care of first.  I am really excited, but it is sad having to wait.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Lottie dolls

When you collect dolls that are not mainstream, like Barbie, Bratz, etc., you are constantly searching for clothing and shoes to fit that doll. With Middie Blythes there are a few options for shoes and clothing.

Mattel's Chelsea (and friends) and Kelly/Tommy dolls shoes fit Middie, but the clothing does not. Some shirts almost fit with Velcro extensions. And, surprisingly, some Monster High tops and bottoms work. 

Clothing made for Lati Yellow fit Middie. Beware the shoes DO NOT fit; Lati's feet are larger. 

Jun Planning's Ai BJD dolls clothing fit really well. They can be a little short, but I find this adorable. Some shoes might work on Middie if they are boots. The Mary Janes are way too big. 

I am sure there are other items out there besides the above mentioned.

Stargazer, Fossil Hunter, Rockabilly, Muddy Puddles

One doll that shoes and clothing are nearly always a perfect fit is Lottie doll. 

Lottie is an UK company, Arklu, that has dedicated itself to creating healthy image dolls for little girls. They are really sweet and have good quality clothing and accessories. These days, that has become a rarity- "good quality, what is that."

Between my daughter and myself, we are up to 8 dolls. They retail for about 20 each- shoes, clothing, and most accessories are a perfect fit. Hats and other head wear obviously will not fit Middie. They work on Petite Blythe!  Separate clothing packs are available also that retail for 10 each.

A new series of Lottie's were released recently and some of those are retailing at 25. They have a few more items with them. For example, Stargazer came with a telescope and Fossil Hunter has a backpack, excavating tools, and "fossils." The new Muddy Puddles has yellow rain boots and jacket! I about died from a cuteness overload.  

Each doll seems to be slightly different so far in looks and skin tones. There is one that reminds me of my Pakistani friends, especially their little sister. Right now both of the blondes have blue eyes. I hope they release green and brown eyed girls too.

Stargazer, Muddle Puddles, Autumn Leaves

Rockabilly, Pandora's Box

Branksea Festival, Fossil Hunter, Rockabilly, Pandora's Box

I love Lottie's diversity.  It make is hard to part with even one doll.

Darwin, Wonderfrog, in Lottie shorts and tights.  They are charming even if they are over sized.

I hope to order more soon.  I'm starting to think I need them all. 

Don't they look like they could be Licca-Chan's little sister?

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Petite Valentine Swap

I'm in a Petite Swap periodically.  I think this is the 3rd that I've participated in.  The last I was in a rush to get everything sent that I did not take photos and the recipient did not either. Oops.  It's a secret swap, but by now my recipient knows I sent to her since she is the last to receive a package.  I shipped within days of getting her name for fear it would take a really long time for the package to arrive to her in her country.  I'm hoping the package shows up within the next couple of weeks.

I received from Charles, Potatoe-mouse, this time.  He ran with the theme Moulin Rouge (the movie) since it is one of my favorites.  Warning:  Many photos to follow!

Can-can dress with a working corset!

Unmentionables with a Gryffindor scarf

Grande Absente and the Green Fairy

The outfits are adorable!  I actually named Shanghai Season Satine once I saw her in the can-can dress.  I thought Charles used his Shanghai Season as model for the dress since it looks made specifically for her, but I got confirmation that he did not.  I picked Lemon Drop (Little Retro Mama) as model for the green fairy dress because of her green eyes.  Silver Crescent (Sweet Scarlet Spell) is one of my faves so I grabbed her too.  Seems like the same girls get to model just about every time.  Next time I will try to pick new girls for the job.  

I don't think I ever posted photos from the summer swap.  I will try to do that soon.  

One last photo of the green fairy:

The dress matches absinthe pretty perfectly.

Twinkle Princess and Macaroon Q-Tea Party

I keep saying that I will take real comparison photos of all my Middies.  One day that will happen, but this was not that day.

At one time I owned 5 of the 6 new releases.  I have lost count on the most current dolls, but I currently own 8 Middies.  I've only sold one from my collection years ago which was Milk and Honey.  It is interesting looking at the subtle changes that were made from doll to doll-  noses get more defined as well as fingers, eye shape and lashes changes, etc.

Up until recently Macaroon Q-Tea Party has been my most pale complexion doll.  She is an unofficial translucent doll.  You can see that she is different from all of my other dolls including Little Retro Mama petite who was released as a translucent.

Twinkle Princess (Tweedle) and Macaroon Q-Tea Party (Elphie)

Twinkle Princess skin tone is really white with a hint of pink. I don't think quite as dense as Cousin Olivia who has little to no pink tone.  It is always a nice surprise to have a doll that is very different from the others.  Sometimes it gets to feeling like I  have to same doll with only different hair.

Bonus photo: Twinkle Princess and Alicia Cupcake,
released two months apart.  You can really see a difference between skin tone here.

Monday, March 30, 2015

Ashton Drake Galleries Blythe, revisited

My second, third and fourth Blythes were Ashton Drake Galleries (ADG) Blythes, known as the American cousins to the Japanese designed Takara Blythes.  I had this theory when I was first collecting- one in, one out; buy one, sell one.  That's how ADG 1 (Pinafore Purple) and 2 (Pleasant Peasant) left my collection.  The third (Roaring Red) hung around awhile with many faces until I finally sold her.  Now, Pow Wow Poncho has joined my clan.

I've had Kenner fever.  There is no way I can afford a Kenner at the current market prices, so I went the next best thing- ADG Blythe. If I remember right, the ADG face mold was created from a scan of a Kenner (Puchi Collective website with face mold info is on a hiatus or I would check this fact.)  ADG's do not have the correct lip shape or the aged translucent plastic; however, they are delightful dolls in their own way.

How long has it been since you opened up a Takara Blythe with absolutely gorgeous and perfectly styled hair?  Forever? Yeah, me too. Take a look at this:

 My only complaint is a plug that is a little too sparse right at the front.  The hair net flattened it and has made it look worse.

Just about everything about her is better than I remembered.  Her eye shadow is darker, skin tone is pretty (sometimes they have green cast), and her hair is so soft.  I did forget the extreme down cast on the front gazes.  Her eye mech has the soft "pip" sound described of Kenners.  The RBL+ now has the same "pip" as an intentional design feature to replicate the Kenner also.

I have EBL, SBL, RBL, RBL+, and FBL face molds.  I took comparison photos with all, but FBL, which I forgot...Claudia stays in my bedroom.




RBL+ and ADG

The old Barbie collection came in handy:

Not the most picturesque scene.  Wedding day dress reproduction.

Monday, March 16, 2015

LPS Petite Project

I found the car interior paint in my town that I have used for making black Blythes! I was so excited I bought a can.

I sprayed this little girl down.  She was floating around without hair until this weekend.  I finally discovered where I put my easy peasy rerooting tool.  It was in a good spot actually.  I just forgot I put it in my sewing basket.

This is Pilot (the pen company, I believe) Purple to Blue thermal hair.  First thing my daughter singed the hank to make it turn colors up against our heater. It is super heat sensitive and melts quickly.  It changes with the slightest touch now.



I really love the blue with the dark brown skin color.  I wish that I would have bought blue to mix with the thermal.  I was trying to get out of my comfort zone (blue) to wild (purple).

Now to find where I stashed her body!

ETA- Found her body.  Created this collage with hair in transition between colors: