Thursday, November 20, 2014

Hollywood Blythe

Tuesday after an intense, light headed, eBay Auction, I won EBL Hollywood Blythe.  Of course, I am completely and utterly broke now, but she will be worth it.  When I purchased Disco Boogie in Spring of 2013 I had a very hard decision to make, NRFB Disco in the US, or nude Hollywood in Hong Kong, both for about the same price.  In fact if I remember right, Hollywood was higher.

I chose DB obviously.  I had never seen an EBL Hollywood go for the price offered and it sent up a red flag for me.  Her price seemed way too good to be true.  I actually had a strong feeling that something was wrong with her, like a broke eye mech.  Now, I have a Hollywood on her way to me in the US!

I feel guilty for spending so much on myself right at Christmas time.  I decided it is time to part with a lot of my Pullip items.

Here are some of the seller's photos:

I have looked at photos that others have posted on Flickr.  I really love the BL version of Hollywood, but with all honesty, I will not be able to every afford or justify her cost.  

Hollywood will arrive with some of her accessories.  From the photos I can tell she has her undies, boots, purse, stand, and card.  It is hard telling if anything else is traveling with her.

She is in my town right now!  Even though she does not say "Out for Delivery," I figure she is for sure since she got here in enough time to make it on the truck.  I might order entirely too many items to know the inner workings of my local PO.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Is that a Mermaid?

Story goes like this, I was watching Alfred Hitchcock Presents on Netflix and was looking at all of the items that my daughter left in the den, one being a Blythe body.  I assume this body is a factory body since I have not found any of my formally released dolls bodies falling apart.  It fell right apart without much persuasion.

This is the first time I've gotten to see how the legs function.  The peg that is inside the leg that is inserted into the hip to created joints have a more rotating motion that I did not expect.  The reason this is not noticed on the doll is because of the way the hip hits the "groin" area; it makes the legs' motion more fixed.

Interesting stuff, huh?

I pulled the plastic away from the hip and cut the piece to get the hip joint I needed for my experiment.  After some whittling, sanding, cutting, and, finally, dremeling, I was able to get the joints the exact size to insert into the Monster High Create-a-Monster mermaid fin.

It is not a tight permanent hold yet.  I have to problem solve that.  For most part, the project went as I wanted it too.  The tail was not designed for a head as big as Blythe so a stand will be needed to hold her up.  I  used my customized TBL as the test subject.

Sorry for the blurry pic.

I do not care for the pink band's decor, but I really does make the fin look more complete.

This doll is still for sale.  To see her specs, see this post:  TBL for Sale.  As of right now she is "as is."  I might remake her some and try to sale her later.  If I do that, I will consider selling the mermaid body with her. :)

Thursday, November 13, 2014

No Dresses for Severus

Great news! The Licca Boyfriend body is actually just about the same size as a Blythe body! Severus is pleased, now he won't be wearing dresses.

The boy body has slightly longer arms and legs, but this isn't enough to worry.  I surmised that the feet were really close to Licca and Blythe and I was right!  The boots that come with Prairie Prose(?),* Cousin Olivia, Slow Nimes, Gentle River, etc. fit perfectly.

You can see a little bit of wrist, but not enough to matter.

Since daylight savings time my afternoons are already dark and I have mediocre photos.  Sorry!  Severus is wearing Coolcat shirt, Over the Stripes pants, and PP's boots.  

I was really happy to know that I am not starting completely over on his wardrobe.  I have several pairs of cargo-style pants like OTS and Casual Affair.  OTS stock is perfect.  The set was on the masculine side, except for the skirt maybe.  I also think Love Mission's police uniform might be passable for Severus.

A new adventure started last night when I found a falling apart Factory Blythe body.  Hint?  The is a tail. Bahahah! Feeling a little bit like a mad scientist of plastic.

*I can never remember her full release name.  The redhead with freckles that came in a prairie-style outfit.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014


Check our the "Last Chance!" section of my shop, Blythe Knits.   I am discontinuing most of my ready made items.  Hurry though, once this listings expire they will not be renewed.

I do not plan to stock overly often any longer.

Keep an eye out during Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday, I will be running shop specials for these three days.

Little Severus

Little Severus (name for now) is complete with a boy body!  I ordered the Licca Boyfriend to be the donor.

The neck is a lot different than Licca.  I did not get photos of any of my alterations, but there is a good photo on Flickr by a customizer.*  I essentially mimicked her solution.  I did find that the two pieces of the body at the neck was not sealed well so I had to resort to a type of glue, that I will not mention, to keep the screw in to hold the washer.*

Severus and Gatsby.  

Severus is about one inch taller than a stock Blythe.  Gatsby has a Licca body.

His feet do seem to be very similar to this Licca's feet.  I am hopeful that I have shoes that will fit him. So far, all that I know will fit him is his stock clothing.  I will try out the rest of Over the Stripes stock. 

I hope to sew him some jeans and make him a knitted slouchy hat this weekend.

*Search "boy Blythe."   The customizer is named Astrosnik.

*It is not recommended type of glue for dolls.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Little Boy

I have in the past tried to create a boy Blythe.  It was not a success.  I gave it another try with an Icy doll.  I have seen some really amazing boys from Icy dolls on Flickr and I happened to have one on hand.

The base dolls is the blue hair Police woman.

This is the first try:

I wasn't happy.

He does not have hair in this photo and I did not have money to buy anything.  

I decided to use the original scalp.  It looks really cute with the part line off to the side so I will be attempting to glue it off center.

This is the most recent photo of him:

Isn't he Snape like with the blue hair?

I sanded the lips again. Re-did some of the faceup.  It is really hard to find a happy place between too boring and too much.  I took a chance and added indigo into his eyebrows.  There is blue shadow around his eyes just to depth.

Right now his still has the green eyes from the first photo.  I like the brown eyes the best.  This a project on a budget so I will re-purpose the green by painting them.

Now, to order him a body.  I'm going to try the Licca boyfriend doll as a body donor.  

I hope to share him completed soon.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

TBL for sale

I completed the translucent TBL Blythe and she is looking for a new home.

She will travel nude. She is not factory perfect.

Paypal only, no e-checks. 125 USD + shipping. Sell will be dependent on feedback trades.

Sorry the photos are not the best.  I can take more on request.

Icy chips/Cool Cat grey glitter (not shown)

Brainworm milky chips/black (not shown)

silver lids/black shadow
slight flaws on the lids
sleepy eyes, no charms on ribbon pulls.

Please email me at  Thank you.