Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Welcome Home Outift for Petite Blythe

Welcome Home Outfit for Petite Blythe

Sock weight yarn
4 stitch markers
Darning needle
Scrap yarn

CO 15
Place marker at 3, 2, 5, 2 3
Row 1- KFB before and after every maker
Row- Purl all stitches
Repeat 1 and 2 once more or until there are 6 sleeve stitches.
Knit to the sleeves and place them on scrap yarn and do the same for the second one.
Stocking stitch for 6 rows.
K1 x P1 for 1 row
BO in rib and weave in ends.
Sew on Velcro for closure.
Sleeves x 2-
Place the 6 stitches back on the needles and pick up 2 at the armpit.
Knit for 5 rounds.
K2tog, knit the rest.
K1 x P1 for 1 round.
BO in rib and weave in ends.
CO 20
Knit for 6 rounds.
*K1, SSK, K4, K2tog, K1* twice.
Knit for 1 round.
K1 xP1 for 1 round.
BO in rib and weave in ends.

Copyright by Natalie Scrimshire 2011
This is for personal use only.  Please do not sell pattern. I can be reached at or at Ravelry user name- PandoraPhelps.


  1. I love this little sweater, but I am at a very basic knitting level.
    I have never knit in the round.
    what are US 1 DNPs ?

    I am pippaandpom_Blythe on flickr

  2. Hi PippaandPom! DPNs- double pointed needles. I will contact you on Ravelry!