Friday, October 29, 2010

Blog of Intent

I am starting a second blog to relieve my first one,, from all of the Blythe related post. It has been over run with them!

I will start off by telling about my dolls. I have 4 Blythes, 1 Blybe (clone), and 2 more on the way! I purchased the Littlest Pet Shop sets with the Petite Blythe with the intent to keep one for myself, but I have a little 5 year old monster who thinks they are all hers. And she is probably right.

Speaking of Petites, I have 2 on the way also.

To break it down even further:

Ashton Drakes- Pinafore Purple, Pleasant Peasant, and Roaring Red.

Takara- Simply Mango, and in route, Prima Dolly Ginger, and Very Vicky

As for the Blybe, I have no idea if she has a name.

There is one more clone that is a Christmas gift to my 5 year old, a Baasak. Same as the Blybe I don't know if she has a name.

I am customizing 3 of them right now.

This photo isn't great but you can see them a little. Better and more detailed photos to come soon.

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