Friday, November 5, 2010

Meet Ginny

Meet Ginny!

She was my very first Blythe doll.  I was so excited seeing a chihuahua, I was counting down the days until she was release in April (2010).  The only modifications are the freckles and snipping her fringe to look more natural. I used a tutorial from Puchi Collective.* She is a Takara Simply Mango.

I am a member of the knitting and crochet community on Ravelry. I found Blythe while searching through doll clothing.  How could I not love such a unusual doll? When people ask about Blythes, I describe her as a Betty Boop head with a Skipper body.

In the photos she is wearing a dress of my design. The shoes are from This is Blythe (I have seen them on Etsy, too.) Her little chihuahua friend is wearing my sweater pattern.

*Puchi Collective is no longer active.  You can still access some of the content through the Wayback Machine.  8-5-2015

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