Friday, November 12, 2010

My Daughter's Doll

My 5 year old wants a Blythe. Well, spending the money on a real Blythe just wasn't going to happen.  Although she is really good to her toys, she is still a little girl. I know I wouldn't allow her to play with it.  Solution, a Basaak doll.

Basaak is a really nice way to purchase a doll for a child or first time customizing.  On Angelina, I just knew that I would be highly pissed at myself if I ruined a Blythe and my next project, I was looking for low budget.

The Basaak is a cute doll but adding personal touches really amp-ed the cute level up.

Here is the customization list:

new eye lashes
purple eye chips
pink lip repaint
purple eye lid paint

If you didn't catch it, my daughter's favorite color is purple.

Customizations yet to be done:

eye shadow
sleepy eyes
freckles, maybe

I think Santa did a good job this year.

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