Sunday, November 7, 2010

New Pattern Coming Soon!

Doesn't all Blythes need a Jackolope Hats? Of course! I will soon be releasing this knitting pattern for sale through Ravelry.

It is a simple hat and ears with the more challenging antlers. I used magic loop method for the "bunny" parts and DPNs for the antlers. However, the pattern in open to using any circular method that makes you feel comfortable.

The yarn is any small amount of DK and sock weights.  Felting is an option for the antlers and the ears. This example was not felted so the ears are more floppy.

Good words to know while knitting this cute hat-

Backwards cast on aka thumb cast on- using ones finger or thumb to slip a stitch with the working yarn onto the needles

This image is from I am not claiming it as mine, please follow the link to see it in it's original state. 

Here is a helpful video, also:

video link from

SSK- slip, slip, knit; is a left slanting decrease.  Slip the 2 stitches knitwise individually to the right needle and knit them together by inserting the left needles in the front of the stitches.

Tines- the point on the deer, or in this case, jackalope's antles. This important for the pattern because I do refer to them individually as tines.

One last photo of Ginger just for fun.

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