Saturday, November 13, 2010

The Twins

I purchased an Ashton Drake Roaring Red doll several months ago. I was disappointed with her. Her hair was unmanageable; although, she was brand new out of the box.

One day I noticed her spring was about to slip off the notch. It slipped on into the head and I couldn't fish it out.  I scalped her and cracked her open from there she has received a complete make over.

I did some reading before scalping and EVERYTHING about her was wrong. The glue was NOT water based. There was NOT a trench to pop the scalp off. I got my info from Puchi Collective tutorials and a Flickr group that was specifically about customizing ADGs.

Now, I am trying to decide my best method of hair. Should I use wefting or try rooting? Mohair or synthetic?

Wondering about the twin?

I noticed several boy Blythes on Flickr. I decided I needed to make one. I ordered a weird little doll bank Basaak and an Obitsu 1/6 boy body. The twin part started by the fact I prefer him to be considered a brother rather than boyfriend. I want him to resemble a little boy over a man. A bit silly really.

I am excited! I think all of the supplies will be here in time for Christmas break.

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