Saturday, December 4, 2010

Body Snatchers

The one to the right is an ADG body.

Okay, so no one snatch my boy Blythe body.  I did make a mistake in my measuring. Pretty large mistake, in fact, 5 inches too large.

When I decided to make a boy Blythe I started searching for a 1/6 Obitsu body. I diligently looked for a 12 inch one. What was I thinking, the full length including the head should be 12 inches!!!  I was very disappointed with myself.

Good news is that I think I have a solution.  I read on the Boy Blythe Flickr group about using a Skipper body with a flat chest.  I went immediately to Ebay and started searching.  There was  pretty broad range of prices. I, somehow, happened on a Ricky, Skooter or Skipper body for 8 buck, free shipping and in the US! Perfect! I bought it instantly.

The Obitsu body will one day become a full doll.  My daughter suggested a Harry Potter.


  1. so excited to have found your blog! love everything blythe~

  2. Thanks so much! I am just getting started on this blog. I love Blythe too! I will be continuing to add things little at a time. I hope you keep visiting often!