Thursday, December 16, 2010


I have my boy Blythe off to a good start. The body obstacle has be solved by the Skipper body and my Dremel tool.  He will be about an inch taller than his girl twin- much better than like 6 inches.

I have only up to this point been referreing to them as the 'twins,' 'girl twin,' 'boy twin,' or 'boy Blythe' partly because I have been waiting for my daughter to get her doll.  Wondering why this is related? R decided to name the girl twin Sally. Well, she has repeatedly told me that her doll's name will be Sally. I have name picked out and will introduce them properly after Christmas.

One last thought on this project. Hair. I bought wefting which has proved not to be the right kind- it was too thin. Now, I ordered mohair for rooting and I just read that it isn't really mohair, but sheep's wool. I am actually allergic to a lot of animal fibers. Gosh, I don't know what to do. I guess I will resale it if I just can't use it.

Hopefully, Coming Soon-

A new little outfit for Petite Blythes. Sadly, my model, Macintosh Petite Blythe or Applesauce is missing in action. I will finish the little set and post them for sale as soon as I find her.

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