Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Black Custom Experience

First paint job

I have been noticing a lot of search engine hits on my blog regarding to spray painting and removing spray paint.  So, this post will be condensing my experience into one area.

Angelina has been my trial and error doll. I first tried to match paint to a body with no success, second, I tried painting two different bodies (absolute no success), and third, I started over.

I bought a World of Love doll named Soul to place a Blybe (clone doll) head onto it.  The inspiration for this doll was Funny Bunny's Chocolate Pudding

I could not find Belton RAL spray paint in my area so I tried matching with an enamel spray paint from Hobby Lobby.  The head took the paint perfectly without any trouble.  The body was not even close to a match with the paint.  I tried painting the body with the enamel spray paint after sanding it. 

The paint never dried on the legs.  I removed it with some kind of glue remover, I don't know the name but it was mild.  I resigned to my doll wearing tights forever and then the upper body's paint started chipping.

I tried the same paint on a Ashton Drake body.  I read that the plastic is a bit harder and it holds the paint better.  Well, it was worse than the Soul body with the enamel paint.

I removed the paint from the ADG. I used, I am not going to mention, something that I heard is bad for the plastic in the dolls.

This version of Angelina I did the following:

I used Mineral Spirits to clean and remove left over paint.  Sanded her face and body down. The body received a good scrub with soap and water (make sure it is completely dry before painting). The paint was SEM Color Classic automotive paint.  It is made to repair color to vinyl, plastic, and leather car interior.  I checked with the Sherwin Williams clerk about if it will work on my doll and the answer was it should be perfect for that. 

I sprayed the Coolcat scalp, head plates, and ADG body all at once.  It took about half of a can.  The head and scalp dried nearly instantly.  The body was dry but not cured.  When I say cured I mean it could be touched without leaving prints or wrinkles but it was not ready for heavy work like putting the head on.  I used the scalp about 24 hours after the last spray with no damage or trouble.  The head was attached to the head about 26-27 hours after and this was too soon! 

You can see the scratch

Scratches getting worse

Since the head and body are not the same brands the fit is not perfect.  Unlike the Blythe, Neo and ADG, there was a lot of movement.  This caused the neck to be scratched.  I have touched up the scratches and it is now drying for 2-3 weeks.  If I am busy with other projects, maybe even longer.

Let me write out my disclamer.  I am not a professional.  Please do not try any of this without taking full responsibility of your own actions. If in doubt, don't do it. This was just my experience.

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