Sunday, February 13, 2011

My New Girl

My second Black Beauty Blythe project is finished! In Arkansas we got the third snow of the year this past week; fortunately, my doll (head rather) arrived just in time to beat the it!  I took a bit of time off on Tuesday afternoon to get her painted before the storm.  I am so glad I did, she has turned out lovely!

Sad part is she has no name yet.  I like real human names for most part.  The nature-ish names are for my petites (Applesauce, Moon Flower, etc.).  I have broken the rules with Stone and I may name my RBL from Australia, Rabbit.  I am just stumped on this little lady.

All the same here are some photos:

So far all that has been altered is spray tan for the face plates and scalp, body transplant, and strawberry blonde hair wefting. One of the first things I change is the eye chips, except this time.  They are such a chore to change in Basaak dolls I just didn't bother.  Plus, the ones I ordered are still on their way.  

New girl is wearing a coat from the Etsy shop Cheekiepea, and the boots are Vintage World of Love doll accessory. What you can't see on the coat is the Chihuahua chefs!

A new project is coming up, my girl from down under! But, more on her later!


  1. May I ask what type of paint you used?

    1. Sure! This girl has a Hasbro World of Love Soul doll body and the matching paint was Belton RAL spray paint, color Signal Brown RAL 8002. It cost me a lot to ship inside the US at the time. I think the USPS changed a policy and now the shipping is cheaper.

      Thanks for asking! This girl is going through her 3rd faceup so keep checking for updates on her. Since the shipping has greatly reduced, I will probably reorder the paint instead of trying to match it at my local hardware store.