Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Sell 2, Buy 2

My intentions of selling Fleur and Penelope was to keep the collection at 9 but EBL Fruit Punch was too much to resist.  Now, I am officially done. 

Here is the current list of Blythes, in order of the last acquistions:

EBL Fruit Punch
RBL Mod Molly
RBL Simply Guava
RBL Factory (new mohair)
Clone 2 (Head only, Black Blythe)
SBL Prima Dolly Ginger
FBL Very Vicky
Clone 1 (Head only, Black Blythe Angelina)
ADG Roaring Red (Neemo body and face up)
RBL Simply Mango

I cannot buy any without selling some.  That's the rules, no acceptions! I am pretty happy with my little doll family.

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