Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Customizing Petite

I inquired about a year ago and again about six months ago on how to customize a Petite Blythe with no success.  Finally this tutorial came up on Petite Blythe Celebration on Flickr for rerooting: 

I found Mixi Michi but there wasn't a tutorial.  I am assuming this was posted just recently or I completely missed it the last time I looked for instructions.  

I am customizing Orchid, Apple Sweet Angel.  Her hair was a nightmare once I removed the braids.  I wasn't surprised though. I have heard of people getting very brave and flat ironing their dolls hair.  It didn't help this gal.   

Now, Orchid is in pieces.  The rooting started last night and I am guessing I am half way.  Petites seems to be a breeze even thought they are so small.  There are very few holes to fill!

This is Sweet Apple Angel Stock

I do not understand her dress.  I was not fond of it so I sold it. I chose Orchid for the blonde hair but when I got her I was surprised by her bland features.  

I am hoping to golden mohair emphasizes her a bit.

I should complete the rooting tonight!

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