Sunday, November 13, 2011

Basaak vs Blybe comparision

For my new project, Sally the Ragdoll, I order something called a CCE doll.  Which, I call a Blybe. I maybe compleletly incorrect, but I am just going off of the information I got with previous doll. 

So, for the sake of this comparison, I call this little lady a Blybe.

I just happen to have a new Basaak too.  I found one one Blythe Kingdom for a good price and I bought her with the thoughts that it would be awhile before my Blybe comes in the the mail.  She was my back up plan. 

Turns out I did not need a back up plan! The Blybe and Basaak came on the same day!

This was the first time I could do a side by side comparison. So here goes:

Eye chips, Basaak left, Blybe Right:

Eye chip clarity goes to Blybe.  

The Basaak eye chips remind me of ADGs.  They are very difficult to remove.

Left Basaak, Right Blybe: 

The eye mech of the Basaak is slightly smaller than the Blybe.  

Left Basaak, Right Blybe 

For this photo, I could not get the eye mech out of the Basaak head.  I need a second person and my husband is not home. 

The noses are different shapes as are the lips.

The eye holes may have slightly different shapes too, it's hard to tell with the mech still in the Basaak.

This is the Blybe scalp system.  Between the two, it was significantly harder to separate the pieces.

There is a dome and the scalp fits inside it.  That is what this pic is showing.

The two pieces to the Blybe scalp system.

This is the Basaak scalp system.  It is easy to remove, the trick is getting it to stay together. 

It is three pieces- dome, ring, and scalp.  This photo is showing it assembled.  

The three piece to the Basaak scalp system.

Body comparison:

Left- Blybe, Middle- Basaak, Right- Takara 

The Blybe is smaller than the other two with a fixed waist and slanted feet like Barbie.  The other two are very similar except the Basaak quality is poor.

What fate does the Basaak face? 

I plan to fix her up for my daughter.  R has Pinkie and Margo already, but I don't really need another doll for myself.  I thought about practicing some carving on her and maybe bobbing her hair.  Decisions, decisions....

Coming up tomorrow is my Petite Blythe experiment.


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    1. Shit, I accidentally removed your comment. I'm glad this comparison helped! I like feature of both doll and really dislike some. I wish they were morphed together.