Thursday, December 8, 2011

Gah, Paint!

Once again, paint has been the issue with my custom Blythe. I am transforming Blythe (clone to be specific) into a Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas.  This time I thought I covered my bases.

I made sure to buy paint that said most plastics, tested it, sanded the Pure Neemo body, washed the body and still disaster.  I even waited between coats- days and even weeks.

I thought I was putting the last coat of paint on yesterday.  I put some pieces together and the paint slid right off.  Gah.

I looked on Flickr and Google for some answers.  I found a nice "How to Paint on Plastic" tutorial and on Flickr observed that someone used plain Krylon (not Fusion) on her Pure Neemo.

So, last night I started scrubbing- yes, scrubbing - off the paint.  It is pealing right off for most part.

I think I figured out the culprit of my disastrous experience.

My husband, daughter, and I went to pick up a few household goods from the store. One of the goods was dish soap.  I grabbed Gain or something.  My husband said he preferred our previous soap.  Guess what it was- Dawn Hand Renewal with Olay Beauty.  

Okay, so I am assuming the soap put a oily lotion film onto my doll body and that is the problem.

Well, that is at least what I am hoping.

I am sanding the rest of the paint off and washing the body with a different soap.

I am going to use Krylon Indoor/Outdoor.

Wish me luck.

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