Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Nicki Manaj

I feel finished with my custom Nicki Manaj.  Right now she is my favorite lady rapper, pop singer, what ever she is considered.

I purchase the most perfect wig for her! Pink.

My little brother (who is not so little) saw the wig and said, "Nicki Manaj!" The best part is he had no idea about my current undertaking.

I have new clothing for Nicki (thanks, Barbie) but the lighting was terrible.  She is hard to photograph.

The Barbie clothing were really strange.  It is like toy clubbing clothing- all that was missing was a bottle of booze. I haven't been into Barbie for years and fortunately my daughter prefers Blythe.  I guess I was oblivious to the slut-wear.

I am looking for pink giraffe print to make a body suit like the one seen in "Super Bass" video.  No such luck yet.  I have been checking baby clothing for a tee or pants.

I made this hot pink dress this past weekend.

Photos of my daughter's new Basaak doll coming after Christmas morning! I have her ready with a box full of clothing.  She looks completely different from when I used her for the comparison photos.


  1. She is cuteeee I always wondered when you painted a doll darker skinned how do you do the arms/legs?

  2. Thanks!

    Well, it is tricky. This doll in particular is a World of Love body. Right now I am working with an Azone Pure Neemo body and the paint is working pretty well.

    I have used an ADG body with automotive paint also. It worked out great, but in high humidity she still gets a bit sticky.

    Good luck if you try it out!