Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Progress Report on Sally

Things have improved since my last update on my Sally the Rag Doll.

I scrubbed and cleaned off the majority of the Valspar paint and have successfully repainted her with Krylon Indoor/Outdoor.

My poor Sally is looking like the Black Dahlia in this photo.

I tried painting her lips last night and decided to give the face plate and body a fine sanding before attempting again.  I really don't like the glossy paint, but had no other option!

A friend of mine, who is a paper maker, is looking into some nice thick handmade artist paper.  All of my paper from my art student days have too much tooth.  I am needing nice smooth, stark white paper for the custom eyes.

I am really happy to see this project starting to come together.  Once my nylon hair came in I started preparing for the knot method of rooting all I was waiting on was the scalp.  Last night I determined it was dry enough so I started on the hair part with the strands.  Now I am sewing wefting on the bulk of the head. I nearly have been late to work twice because of the hair!

Coming soon are photos of my completed Nicki Manaj custom. Or, re-custom! One of my black Blythes now has a Nicki Manaj face up with a perfect pink wig!

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