Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Shark Hat for Blythe, pattern update!

I purchased a fancy new MacBook Air and also, purchased Pages.  I started re-designing my page layouts for my older patterns.

I stared working on the Shark Hat for Blythe.  I found a lot of errors in my pattern writing skills.

It has been rewritten and tested by another individual!

Here is the new pattern:

Happy Knitting!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Meet Rooka

Meet Rooka!

Rooka is a Takara SBL Pinafore Purple.  She is my second Blythe custom (non-clone).

It all started with an eye chip change in my Ginger. I lost my head and pull her chord without gluing in her new eye chips. I had to pry her open a bit to get the eye chip out and it got me thinking...

The thinking led to opening Rooka and making her pretty!

Rooka's make over consisted of:

Lip carving
Lip color
Upper lip carving
Some nose carving
2 new eye chips, dark blue and taupe
Eye color with powdered eye shadow
New eye lashes
Sleepy eyes
Ribbon pull chords with charms- glass enclosure charm (no image yet) and locket

One day way off in the future Rooka may get white mohair.  I really love white mohair dolls and I think her coloring would be perfect.

Up next, my ADG, formly know as Snowden, is getting a 3rd make over.  This time she is emerging as Coraline.

Another middie is on the way to me from Singapore!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Sally the Rag Doll

Sally is near completion! 

This photo is much better than the previous ones!
I am more used to photographing at noon than before 8 am.

I still need to finish drawing on her stitches.  

I also have to correct one set of eye chips.  I made a careless mistake and placed a side glance set in the other straight gaze.  It may be stuck in the sockets.  They chips were such a tight fit no glue was needed.

If I cannot get the chips out, I have a black set of Brain Worm chips coming that I will use instead. 

The hardest part will be finding good charms for Sally's pull cords.  This part I thought would be easy! 

I have checked a few stores that typically carry Nightmare before Christmas merchandise, but apparently I missed the boat.  I could have purchases tons of items about 2 years ago!  It is frustrating when this happens.

I plan to order Sally some additional hands.  


Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Sally's Patched Dress

Shoot! My photo is out of focus! 

This is Sally's first dress.

Eek, I am starkers!

I touched up areas on Sally using a Q-Tip.  It went well!  The ink is still drying on her stitches in this photo.

I am hoping to have her completely stitched up soon.  

Sally has been a slow project with painting and drawing.