Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Sally the Rag Doll

Sally is near completion! 

This photo is much better than the previous ones!
I am more used to photographing at noon than before 8 am.

I still need to finish drawing on her stitches.  

I also have to correct one set of eye chips.  I made a careless mistake and placed a side glance set in the other straight gaze.  It may be stuck in the sockets.  They chips were such a tight fit no glue was needed.

If I cannot get the chips out, I have a black set of Brain Worm chips coming that I will use instead. 

The hardest part will be finding good charms for Sally's pull cords.  This part I thought would be easy! 

I have checked a few stores that typically carry Nightmare before Christmas merchandise, but apparently I missed the boat.  I could have purchases tons of items about 2 years ago!  It is frustrating when this happens.

I plan to order Sally some additional hands.  



  1. Your Sally doll is amazing, I love her!

  2. Thanks! She was a lot of fun to make!