Thursday, August 9, 2012


Right now in my life tons of things are happening.

I found out Saturday, while I was in Dallas for BlytheCon, that I got accepted into Clarion University of Pennsylvania in the Library Science master's program!  Everything is happening FAST. I'm enrolled into two classes and start on August 27th via online.

The dolly changes has been out with old in with the new.  I sold two of my SBL girls- Pinafore Purple and Mademoiselle Rosebud.  In their place will be middies- Melomelomew that I blogged about a while back and a Suzy Hysteric!

Not my pic.

I can't believe I found a Suzy Hysteric within my price range.  She is arriving to me in her nudey pants. I hope to have sometime to enjoy these two girls before August 27th, but if not they are their for Christmas break.

A few other girls maybe looking to move also, like Coraline and Sally.  I have to work some bugs out on both before that happens.

Another change maybe on the horizon, but it is still in limbo. Hopefully, it works out!

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