Monday, October 29, 2012

Weekend Endeavors

Holy Batman!

I started rooting a mohair scalp sometime forever ago. It was to go on my Mona.  The color was all wrong for her even before her current face-up.  For one thing I was disappointed with the mohair.  I thought I was getting baby blue and it was turquoisey mint.

I finally got up the nerve to finish it and dye it on Wednesday night (I was off Thursday from work so I felt creative).  It turned out really pretty!  I stuck it on Claudia (I vow to never remove that girl's scalp again- it is a bitch) and it just wasn't her.  So, my pretty little mohair scalp went to Etsy which sold over night!!!

Isn't it gorgeous?

Even prettier on the inside!

I had enough mohair leftover to make 2 Monster High wigs.  I dyed one green to go onto my absinthe fairy.

Claudia received some spooky chips which I hand painted.  She also got new lashes since I ruined the others by accident.


  1. fantastic mohair wig!

    her eyes are damn spooky!

    1. I was superbly impressed with myself. It almost makes me want to do another one!

  2. I think I will soon. I'm hoping to find locks at a local fiber fest in December.