Thursday, November 8, 2012

Life before Blythe

Do you ever ponder what you did before Blythe?

I find it amazing how integrated she is into my life now. I think about her constantly- well, other things slip in as well, but you know what I mean!

I've been working on pull chords lately.  I've been so busy with school (yuck, 2 papers that require lots of research) that I haven't had a good time to take photos.  My husband (sweet boy) purchase majority of the supplies for my birthday which was Saturday, November 3rd.  Hooray! Most things were 1/2 off so I got bunches of stuff.

I've started Claudia's pull chord.  I need additional beads to make it look complete.  It is really exciting I can't wait to share it!

I bought a Susie Sad Eyes months ago because I got a commission to make some items for a local Susie.  I borrowed the person's Susie but shortly found my own.

This poor little girl has a pitiful reroot in mint green.  Her scalp has been ripped at some point so I carefully removed the mint and put in blue ice! I bought the hair from Dolly half snowflake and half water nixie.  The mix was perfect!  I wanted to use my rerooting tool but couldn't find it in my jungle of crafting and art supplies.
Susie hanging out at my work.

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