Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Ginny is recovering...

Ginny was my very first Blythe.  She hasn't had anything but freckles and a fringe trim.  Oh man, now she is recovering from an arm transplant!!

I bought a Licca off of Ebay that is pretty discolored.  (I couldn't tell from the pics.)  I thought the arms would match my Simply Mango but they didn't! I had already pulled out one arm and then I couldn't get it back into the socket.

Fortunately, I won another Ebay auction with 2 Liccas.  Both are tilty necks but one was taller.  So, she was a perfect arm donor.

Nearly ripped off the second Blythe arm and cracked the socket in the process. I also sustained an injury of a busted knuckle trying to get the damn thing into the Licca.  Finally, after many attempts the Licca is a whole person again.

I give the Licca heads on new bodies to my daughter. She loves them.

But, Ginny now has new arms.

Here is the tutorial on Blythe Arms Transplant made by Sai and hosted by Jaszmade:

Edit, 12-18-2014 The tutorial appears to be no longer available. I will keep my eye out for a new one.  http://www.jaszmade.com/customising-blythe/licca-arm-transplantation-by-sai/

My mini-me, a custom I Love Your It's True, has a new Licca body, also.  I want to do another arm transplant on my Claudia.  I'm going to buy a brand new Licca for her since she is so pale.

My mini-me I customized.  I will try to get a good photo of her soon.

Silver Snow is on the way to her new home!

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